www.give2me.net | Give To Me - How It Works

www.give2me.net | Give To Me – How It Works

www.give2me.net | Give To Me – How It Works

Today i will Tell you More about www.give2me.net , Quick and fast Nairaland Review about Give To MeHow It Workswww.give2me.net | Give To Me - How It Works


1. Register your account
2. Fill in your Bank details where you will be paid when you are due to Get Help.
3. Go to your Dashboard and click on the ‘Provide Help button.
4. Follow the prompts on your screen and fill in the amount you want to Provide Help with.
5. You will receive a mail when you are matched to Provide Help; be on the look out to avoid being suspended for not complying.
6. After you have fulfilled your Provide Help request, you will be eligible to Get Help in 30days.

Please read the following carefully!

1. You are allowed to have only ONE account. If we discover you have created more than one account, they will all be suspended and all your referrals and referral bonuses deleted. Be Careful!
2. Do not register if you do not have the intention of Providing Help and making your donation within 48 Hours
3. Participate ONLY with your SPARE MONEY
4. You will be matched within 72 Hours to either Provide Help or Get Help when due.
5. Your subsequent PH amount SHOULD NOT be less than your last PH amount on the account; it can be the same amount or more but not less.
6. Do not pay money into any account except the account details showing in your order.
7. Do not upload a fake Proof of Payment, you will be banned for life.
8. You are required to make another Provide Help request within 3 Days of Getting Help. If you don’t:
a. Your account will become inactive, auto-reset and you will lose all your referral bonuses on your account.
b. After your account has been reactivated, your next PH request growth percentage will be 10% while subsequent ones will be restored back to 40%; as long as you don’t default again.


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