www.fastearners.org – Fast Earners How It Works

Please Take Note is not www.fastearners.com the website is simply “www.fastearners.org – Fast Earners How It Works” and is a new Ponzi Scheme website in Nigeria , Below Read how it works and share with friends.www.fastearners.org - Fast Earners How It Works

www.fastearners.org – Fast Earners How It Works

No Referrals

There are no referrals required its a first come first serve system.

Multiple Account

You can have multiple accounts but with different usernames.

200% Return

You get ₦10,000 each from two members after you have been confirmed.

I can’t pay Button

This feature has been added to offer those who have no intention of paying an option of opting out, if the member matched to pay you is delaying you can ask him/her to simply click the i cant pay button.

Deletion of accounts

You have 1 hour to pay and be confirmed or be deleted by the system. if by chance you paid a member and he/she hasn’t confirmed you just email fastearnersorg@gmail.com and you will be attended to in a short while.

Mobile Transfer

Transfer of fund using mobile apps or ussd is preferred.

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