Why Are Guys So Cheap ...??

Why Are Guys So Cheap …??

Why Are Guys So Cheap …??

So this guy added me on FACEBOOK… we had a little conversation from which I summed up that he had a fiancée whom he is supposed to MARRY in 5months time ..‍♀️
He kept sliding in my DM acting all thirsty and shit. I invited him to grab lunch at my favorite spot which was just around my hood. He showed up and I dropped him off after food and laughs.

He didn’t stop texting me.. saying he wants to visit my place and all that. I decided to entertain this clown.. he came to my place and I was alone since its vacation time and the family is out
We decided to see a movie.. next thing I noticed was this HOE drawing close to me on the couch. He touched my thigh and I knew what he wanted already.. cheap dude .. lmao

I kissed him and he responded quickly .. then he proceeded to give me headdamnnn. We had s*x that day which was the SECOND time of meeting me{a Facebook friend} worst case scenario.. he didn’t even use a c*ndom; meaning he didn’t care if I was infected..

He got home and sent an appreciation text after which he kept CALLING and disturbing my life.. I met him again and we smashed three times ✌

I tipped him the last time after driving him home though he was acting all “manly” (idgaf) ..I BLOCKED him last week
I sincerely can’t stand cheap and EASY guys acting all “good” online …when it takes only KFC and rides to get the D*CK ❗️

#okbye #cheapdudes


By Chidera hopewell Stephen

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