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Today i will Teach you “How – The Awakening Community works” here in Nigeria is Fast and easy making Money with just like other Ponzi Scheme websites, The Awakening Community is quite Real and - The Awakening Community


    • The Awakening is not a bank, we do not collect your money, it’s not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. The Awakening is a community where people help each other. TA gives you a technical and Holistic platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to connect with each other. All transferred funds to another participant are your DONATION given by your own good will to another one. If you are completely confident and certain in your actions and make up your mind to participate, we kindly ask you to study carefully all warnings and instructions first. We have online consultants ready 24/7 to answer further questions, and to offer guidance.
    • Registration:

    • Study carefully the system, this system is being created to help every member fulfill what they want in life, if you understand the ideology, the risk and TRUST the system then you are ready to register as a member of this community. Remember the participants are the system, if we trust and take care of the community we can make it last for a very long period of time and it means many lives will be changed.
    • Give Donation:

    • User Can Give Donation from 10USD to 1,000USD.
    • After indicating interest to Give Donation, users will receive a pre-activation link of $5, this serves a dual purpose, it serves as maintenance fund which is needed for the constant upkeep of the System, and then it also serves as a filtration process for dummy accounts. Only after the confirmation of this $5 link will the PH amount become active and begin to grow.
    • All users have 36hrs to Give Donation. Failure to make payment after 36hrs leads to account being blocked. If payment is not confirmed by the receiver after 24hrs hours of pasting the Transaction ID/Hash code, the user needs to contact our Online Support Team, payment will be confirmed by admin after checking the proper Transaction ID, and the offender will be blocked. Note: Multiple Donations are not allowed. One Donation, One re-commitment and one Get Donation in 20days.
    • Growth:

    • After the confirmation of $5 pre-activation/maintenance link, Users will get growth of 5 % daily for 20days; that’s 100% in 20days. After the 20th day growth stops, and users must request Get Donation
    • Get Donation & Re-commitment:

    • Users can apply to get Donation any time after 20days, and after paying 50% of recommitment. Re-commitment must be of the same or more value of previous Donation amount. Note that when you apply for recommitment you will be paired within 24hrs to pay 50% of your Donation amount. After confirmation of this 50% link, you can now request to Get Donation.

Get Donation Limit:

  • Growth Wallet: 20 USD – 1000USD. Bonus Wallet 10$ – 1,000$ Total GH limit- 1500$
  • You get 5% from all deposits of the participants you invite. Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody forces members of the Community to invite new participants. But at the same time, understanding that the awakening community can’t exist without development and participants’ referral efforts, the system rewards participants with referral bonus to motivate people to take an active part in community building.
  • Confirmation of Payment:
  • While confirming the amount the Receiver needs to check Sender’s Bitcoin address, Sender’s Transaction ID/Hash code and Receiver’s Bitcoin Address.
  • If the receiver after getting the Donation amount, fails to confirm funds reception within maximum of 24hrs, the account will get blocked and Sender will get confirmation by the admin after checking the Transaction ID.
  • LOH (Letter of Happiness): User needs to write letter of happiness (LOH) after Receiving Donation. The world needs to know that The Awakening community is for real, your letter of happiness goes a long way to show that T.A works. If user fails to write LOH, he/she won’t be able to get next Donation.
  • Unblocking of Blocked ids: Admin needs a Valid Reason to open the blocked ids. Note that unblocking account for reasons of Fake POP and Delayed payment of Donation attracts a fee of 10$ that will be paid to maintenance fund, so we advise everyone does their due diligence. We need the System to run smoothly, hence the strict rules.
  • Terms & Conditions:

  • Any participant over 18 years of age and have knowledge of Crypto currency can be member of Awakening community by registration in the community.
  • Users’ needs to put the correct information in the registration form, if discrepancies are found that violets community rule, id can be blocked by the admin without any notice.
  • The Awakening is a mutual aid community to help each other so donate your free money only.


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  1. chioma

    February 6, 2017 at 11:04 am

    where wil i see the pre-activation link of $5. I cant see it and i have 20hrs more b4 i wil b blocked

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