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This is How to Register and Get More Than 300% Bonus check “ – 300% Register” and apart from that you can read more about “The awakening community Rigister” from the Link below , Note : Registration is Free , here are the FAQ’s about the new - 300% Register


  • Q) What’s the minimum and maximum Donation?
    Ans: Minimum amount is 10$, maximum amount for now is 1,000$.
  • Q) What’s the return on Donations made?
    Ans: Users get 5% return daily for 20days, that’s 100% in 20days.
  • Q) Can I leave my Donation after 20days? Will it still grow after 20days?
    Ans: Donations stop growing on the 20th day.
  • Q) Must I recommit before I get Donation?
    Ans: Yes recommitment is compulsory before you Get Donation, the system is built on the idea of sustainability. Recommitment ensure there’s money constantly in circulation, and everyone will get help as and when due.
  • Q) what day am I supposed to Recommit and how much?
    Ans: On the 20th day, after your 100% growth is complete, you can click on the recommitment button. You are required to Recommit same value of the previous Donation, or a higher amount, but not lower.
  • Q) Do I pay 100% of my Recommitment before I can Get Donation?
    Ans: The system will match you to pay 50% of your recommitment amount. After your payment is confirmed, you can now Get Donation.
  • Q) How long will it take the system to match me to pay the 50% of my Recommitment amount?
    Ans: The system will match you within six hours to pay the 50%, so please be alert and ready.
  • Q) After the first 50% payment?
    Ans: After you’ve paid 50% of your recommitment amount and have been confirmed you can now Get Donation. The matching for the remaining 50% will come later after you have gotten donation.
  • Q) Where’s the extra money coming from?
    Well this is a crowdfunding platform, old users and new users give holistically to each other in an ever expanding circle, the extra money comes from the donations made by all users, old and new alike. Because of our compulsory recommitment policy and massive referral efforts by all users, we can be rest assured that there will always be Money in circulation for everyone.
  • Q) Forgotten login?
    Click on “Forgot Password” just below the Login detail, type in the email address used to signup then the system will send you email with a new password.
  • Q) Who to contact for support?
    Support is available 24/7 and responds in timely manner.
  • Q) What currency used on the platform?
    The platform accepts Bitcoins only.
  • Q) Does TA accept international participants?
    Yes, the platform is used globally and we encourage users to take advantage of bitcoins crypto currency which isn’t restricted to anyone country.

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