Now everyone wants to be a woman in Nigeria – Read

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Now everyone wants to be a woman in Nigeria – Read

Now everyone wants to be a woman in Nigeria - Read

In Nigeria, men are becoming desperate to be married off because they’re aging terribly fast. Soon, no woman will even look at them. So they’re doing anything humanly possible and impossible to hook up with even the ugliest of women.
But it is said that a woman is never ugly, because no matter how bad her face looks, men will always be crawling at her feet. With a vagina and just a few notes, she can have any man she wants. They’ve been termed God’s gift to man.
Even the men in marriage are struggling to keep the women they’re fortunate to have. They’re doing more house chores ; cooking, cleaning and keeping the house in order to remain in favor of the woman whom he worships, his benefactor. Men are becoming better home makers.
Family violence against men has gradually thinned down because men are becoming more humble, subservient and responsible. It is no surprise that a certain man in Ibadan was sent packing with bruises from the wife because he had not served the wife enough pepper in her pap. This however, has forced most men to learn their lessons and continually be on their toes.
Nigerian men need to start using their heads more and stop allowing money and a woman’s sex organ to continually drive them. Just flash some crispy bills at a man, and he’d drop out of school just to have a one night stand with a woman. Now everyone wants to be a woman, the shot caller.


By Kingsley Aham .

Kingsley is a man

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