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Filed in FAQ Questions by on February 2, 2017 25 Comments in this Review of  “Naira Propeller Account – Register & Login” i will tell and Teach you all the tings that i have posted so far about “ – Naira Propeller” which is now the fastest means of making money Online in Nigeria Ponzi Scheme website , please read below and - Naira Propeller Account - Register & Login

 Conclusion : – Naira Propeller Account – Register & Login

How – Naira Propeller Works

Today i will Teach you How works ,  Naira Propeller is a new Ponzi Scheme WEBSITE for Nigerian Get Rich Quick Guys and from the latest Reports They Pay Very well , below is How works in Nigeria. Read and share.


New and fast growing mutual donation community! PROPEL SOMEONE AND GET PROPELLED! Life goes on!

300% Return

In Naira Propeller, you get 300% of the donation you make. Donation is strictly restricted to N10,000 only.

Active Support

Support is always there to assist you. Issues related to donation and registration are attended to top priority issues to support.

No Referrals

Though there’s a 10% referral bonus, getting a referral is not compulsory. Your 300% awaits you with or without referral.

Quick payment

Payment of 300% is made to every donations within 24 hours of propelling naira. A user makes payment within 24 hours of propelling naira or gets blocked and deleted.

Multiple account

Having multiple account is not allowed, and attracts termination of account without prior notice.


A user is expected to write a letter of testimony within 72 hours of receiving donation. Failure attracts account - Naira Propeller Review Register – Naira Propeller Registration

Remember that to Register with , is quite fast and easy , Naira Propeller Registration is just for those that needs the website , although is a Ponzi Scheme for Only Nigerian Get Money Rich Type , as stated earlier the website pays. this is the fastest way.  “Naira Propeller Signup” getting better , checkout from below how you can use the “website”  to “Signup” and make better income for your self , You Can understand better when you Navigate to the website.

Updates On Via Social Media

Read Below.

Propell with #10000 to get propelled with #30000 within one week…

Pay #10000 and get #30000… Working and paying…. Fastest fingerz…inbox me… Or signup with…

STEPS to signup… on the link above,a platform will be displayed…put in your GMAILaccount….
2.a link will be sent to you gmail account…open ur gmail account and click on the link to complete your signup process…
3.After signing up…log in and add your account details on your dashboard….
4.propell and you will get merged with someone…pay #10000 and upload your payment proof….
5.sit back and wait for ur #10000 from 3 members within 3 days…

Would you like to earn 150% return of your investment in the scheme in 24hrs time or less?.
How Naira Propeller works
1. Register here…

2. Fill I the registration form and login to edit your account, add up your bank details

3. Click propel naira to donate 10k and someone will be shown to you to pay the 10k.

4. Upload your proof of payment and call the person to confirm.

5. Wait to be matched with three people who will pay you 10k each (30k) within 24 hours.

Woow too good to be true. I’m living testimony. Join the moving train now it’s new ad hot.
Convert 10k to 30k within 24 hours without referring anybody.

Naira Propeller is just the best Option of Making Money in Nigeria Ponzi Scheme “ REVIEW” is a must for all “Naira Propeller Review”  and this is just how you can turn your savings in to Capital the Review of “ – Naira Propeller” is what people are saying about the Ponzi website.

Read Below ” – Naira Propeller

Hey guys, I bring u goodnews.
Nairapropeller is a new platform which
was lauched yesterday. You get 300% of
ur donation. When u register, u get
paired with a member to pay 10k. Then
when u pay, u upload pop and wait for confirmation by the member u paid to.
When u av been confirmed, the system
wil match 3 people within 24hrs who wil
pay 10k each making it 30k. I av just
been paid. The earlier the better.

If you think TWINKAS is good, take a good look at NAIRAPROPELLER,this platform was launched two days ago and pays 300%, yes 300% of your capital within 4- 48hrs e.g 10k gives u 30k. NO referrals,NO delays, get your money paid directly into your bank account.Be among the first to get paid b4 others start flocking in.

More : – Naira Propeller Review

I propelled 10k and in less than 24hrs, I was matched with three persons to pay me 10k each and I was paid 30k that’s 300% return on my investment. Nairapropeller is the best thing that is helping people to cope in this recession. If you haven’t registered, please quickly and start to make your money too.
Thank you.

Let’s make some cashmoney as Feb. Opens up a new page to financial Independence

Check this Out
Naira propeller in as new as 30th of January… No evangelism.

Register, Make Donations, Share ref-feral Link and get paid

Not something you want to ignore…. it’s something new… works ……it pays……it’s NAIRAPROPELLER 150% of your investments…..referral not compulsory….. don’t be told the story take the chance now.


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  1. Lekan says:

    I want to register on naira how far

  2. Friday egomah says:

    I like dis platform is the most fast east ever i have never seen i want to registered can someone put me through pls 08066270927

  3. Ann Curmi says:

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  4. Joanne Bueno says:

    Hungarin shelf company Buying a shelf company is a perfect option for business buyers who do not wish to register a new firm in Hungary.

  5. Adewale modupeola says:

    Pls let’s be careful how we state matters, I av registered with naira propeller now since 2nd of Feb.done the needful, Its a known fact that today is 7th.Even after series of messages to their support yet no response .Till this moment naira propeller have not propelled me for any donations.This is what am experiencing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello, have you been propelled now? pls give us counsel so we could know if there’s hope to take the risk. Thank you.

      • pearl says:

        why annonymous. after paying u shut down the site when you can earn more. i thought you said it wont crash. something u launched and its not upto a month it crashed. why the failure? its not good enough

  6. James says:

    Good Scheme to follow.

  7. Joseph Awotunde says:

    I appreciate this platform for helping populace including me. I am seeking for help.i can not login into my account.

  8. tomi says:

    pls i ve paid someone n i ve not been able to load my POP pls i need help n support is not replying

  9. gbenga says:

    nairapropeller i think is gone, try to open the site but showing error in connection for me. and am new in the site and i propel to someone i will pay for, please can someone help me out with it?

  10. Hello, i made payment of #10,000 to someone on sunday, 5/2/2017. one week now, i have not been paid as promised by the administrators of the platform. May i know the reason for the delay?

  11. ojo says:

    Hello, i made payment of #10,000 to someone on saturday, 11/2/2017nairapropeller I think is gone, try to open the site but showing error in connection for me. and am new in the site , please can someone help me out with it?

  12. Ojo says:

    Hello, I made payment of #10,000 to someone on Saturday, 11/2/2017nairapropeller I think is gone, try to open the site but showing for me. and am new in the site , please can someone help me out with it.

  13. Chy says:

    I made payment of 10,000 since ten days now,I can’t login and they have not paid me as they say.

  14. kings says:

    hello everyone I think naria propeller is crash after my payment on Friday the system started malfunctioning since 10th i paid.follow propellers what will I do any one with ideas

  15. Akinola Abiola says:

    Pls I make payment to someone since on 10/2/17 up till now i did not hear from anyone neither did anyone pay me I can’t even open d site any longer.Pls I need help it is now seven days

  16. Margaret says:

    today make two week’s I propelled n confirm Wat is going On?

  17. Austin says:

    Sorry 4 the delay in payment and inability to logln. Still be patience may be they are trying to fix things up. However , you guys should try Twinka

  18. Amadichibueze says:

    I HV be checking ho to register in but is not working pls I need help to register thank u?

  19. Obasanjo says:

    today make11days now I make payment of #10,000 to someone nd since then I access the site again pls am a new member pls I need more information thanks

  20. Solomon says:

    We Nigerian please we need change, scame too much for this country

  21. Anonymous says:

    dont register on naira propeller, its fake, its a scam

  22. Anonymous says:

    it’s interesting investment online

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