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Today i will Teach you How to enjoy “ Register” also to tell you that “Mmm west Africa Registration” is quite fast and easy , Please read below and share with your Friends.

 Updates : Register –  Mmm west Africa Register -  Mmm west Africa Registration

When u are blocked, u cant even login again,which make it automatically impossible for you to write the support team for your account to be reopen. And note:- you cant use that bank account no and email again. So for those of you alwayz coming and register and wont fulfill ur pledge, and say i ll write d support team, just forget it
You are free to open another account o, but as you are doing it just open another new bank account also, bcoz to mmmwestafrica that bank account is gone 4eva. IT is better u dont pledge and pledge and u wont pay d person, u hv been matched 2 pay. MMMwestafrica is very strict than u think, so for those of u calling me on the issue that they cant login. Just 4get it. Pledge what u have, and if you dont have, wait until u have.MMMwestafrica is not a place for fun = Online User


Its very easy and self explanatory, it is the newest MMM platform that requires no stress or problem with matching and interaction with other participants. MMM WA offers you 50% interest rate in any amount you PH after 30 days. You can also get 10% speed bonus depending on how early you fulfil ur pledge. This year has begun, why not try with your SPARE CASH!


Step ­by ­Step Guide On How To Join The MMM Community &register Correctly.

1. Simply Click on this link: HERE OFFICIAL SECURED MMMWEBSITE. USE LINK below…

2. Click the REGISTRATION button (Top Right) here…

3. Type your Name,your active E­Mail, Mobile Number, Create Password of your choice, Confirm
password, use as your invite ID leave the guiders email and phone number. The system will automatically fix that.

4. Type the Picture Code. (That is type the alphabets you see on the picture code just the way they
appear) Read the WARNING and tick the little box that says you have read the warning.

5. Finally click the REGISTER IN MMM button.

The next step is to Add Your Banking Details.

i. To add your banking details, login to your Personal Office ,(using the email and the password you created when registering) click on Accounts, click the Add button.

ii. Add Account Name (that is, the name you used to open your account) e.g James Matthew etc,

iii. Bank Name e.g ZENITH BANK, GTBANK, SKYEBANK etc,

iv. Type your Account Number

v. In the Reference/Additional Info box, enter your name again.

vi. Account type

vii. Finally click the Save button.

After you have successfully completed the above steps, you will be ready to indicate how much you
want to contribute. In other words you will be ready to Provide Help.

1. To Provide Help i.e to make a contribution/ donation, login to your Personal Office
and click the Dashboard button.

2. Click Provide Help button, click the little checkbox to indicate that you have read the warning,
click Next,

3. Make sure the Nigeria currency is selected as (WEST AFRICA CURRENCY NAIRA) in the currency box, click the Other Bank button, click

4. Enter the Amount you want to contribute/ donate, e.g 25000, 50000, 160000, 200000, 2400000 click Select,

5. Enter the same amount you entered above in the Leftover Contribution box, click the Get Bonuses

6. Type the picture code in the code box to confirm. Click Next.
That’s it !

After completing all the necessary steps as shown above, you will wait for your order i.e you will wait for the system to show you the banking details of someone who wants to withdraw their money from the system, in other words someone who needs help. (This may be instantly or may take weeks).
You will contact this person, to make sure they are real people. Tell them that you are going to deposit the specified amount into their bank account. Confirm all the details etc.
Make sure you upload the teller you use to make payments.
Feel free to holla us at any time through our contact page


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