Main Reasons Nigerian Students Drop Out Of School

Main Reasons Nigerian Students Drop Out Of School

Main Reasons Nigerian Students Drop Out Of School : School Drop Out. It is not a new topic. It has been around the academic environment for quite some time. It is a situation where a student who because of one reason or the other decide to halt his studies. Dropping out, really can count as as substantial loss in the life of a student, and no, should school drop out should not be encouraged. But, should all school drop outs be seen as irresponsible? Maybe not. Going to school isn’t easy. The exit of some people out of high school or college owe to quite understandable reasons that are tied to real-life situations and demands. Here is a look at some of these reasons.main-reasons-nigerian-students-drop-school

1. Unexpected Academic Demand

Let’s face it: Not every student is prepared for the academic environment. Especailly for those who got into the college/university immediately after high school. Moving into the thick of their time table and lectures, they tend to feel burdened with the amount of responsibility that is attached to it. Some of them never anticipated and prepare for it. They, therefore, become burnt-out and discouraged; so they quit, whether or not their grades were lacking.

2. Real-Life Situations and Outside Demands

Unfortunately, as life may dictate, unexpected life situations can occur that are of such a serious nature, the student is forced to come home. Illness or illness of a family member, financial limitations can all contribute to why a student may be forced to quit his schooling for the time being.

3. Fragmented Families And Broken Relationships

Just because you go to school with your bags filled with goodies, and all boxed up does not mean it’s the same situation for everyone else. Your family is happy. Some families are not having a good time. As we are all products of our families and relationships, some people don’t have love in their relationships. They are overwhelmed with hurtful memories that make them lose concentration and take them away from their academics. It is one of the reasons they pack their things out of school.

4. Nostalgia or Homesickness

The comforts of home always seem to be desirable when a lonely and discouraged student is away at high school or college. Whether it is an abandoned relationship back at home or the comfort of a childhood bedroom or even the environment, some students can become so overwhelmed with grief, they cannot continue in their studies and concede.

5. Job Force: Short Term vs. Long Term

A lot of people who at some point may have ‘hustled’ their way through to school or worked for a certain period of time may come to the conclusion that making money now is somehow better than investing their time in an education for possibly more money in the future, and they give up their academic career to focus on their job.

6. Lack of Guidance

At every stage in our life, we need guidance. Need to say that we thrive on structure and someone’s instruction or care. At school, especially the first year, student may not have the proper guidance and individual attention from a counselor or mentor. Not knowing where to go, how to deal with problems can lead to academic failure and school drop out.

7. Talent:

This seems to be one of the rare reasons students drop out of school. And it is very common around us. We have so many stories of celebrities who at a young age, dropped out of school to pursue their talent. Some singing, some acting, photography, and all sort. Most of these people, at a later age return to school to further their studies.

8. Becoming a Parent:

This is also one of the reasons student drops out of school, especially for the unmarried female. Parentage is demanding and dutiful. If not without putting proper plans in place it could send one packing out of school before time.


Education is key. The reasons mentioned above can be prevented. And you can still excel in your studies. Be mature. Be Realistic. Persevere. Be responsible. Grow up. Invest well in your future. Education, come what may, will always be relevant. Whatever you learn today is yours and will be with you forever.

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