1. >>>>We have started assigning new set of Guiders, invite at least 50 persons this week and become a Guider. <<<<<<<<<<<<< please our new policy is just a good measure of letting inspiration get to everyone and on time, let's not panic or be afraid, we have everyone's data and what you are to earn, just with patient it will get to you, we are here to stay and that's why we are always updating you, you all own inspire let's have faith in the system and make it great. You can now recycle anytime. And no one will ever loose. ************************************************ Good morning inspirators,as far as you selected a particular package during registration,no need logging in to your account to subscribe to that package again,only subscribe to a package again when you want to recycle. ************************************************ ************************************************ Good Morning. ********************************************** #SpreadTheWord! ********************************************** #BeInspired! Copied from inspirenig website

  2. It’s impossible to have two corporations registered in Bulgaria below the same identify with one exception – firms registered before January 2008 may have the same company names if they are registered in several districts of Bulgaria.