Dr. Chris Okafor makes 3.5 million naira cash donation to 'Save Nollywood Actors Foundation”

Dr. Chris Okafor makes 3.5 million naira cash donation to ‘Save Nollywood Actors Foundation”

Dr. Chris Okafor makes 3.5 million naira cash donation to ‘Save Nollywood Actors Foundation” 

It was shock and celebration, and tears of joy flowed freely as Dr. Chris Okafor of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries a.k.a Liberation City Church shocked “Save Nollywood Actors Foundation” with a cash donation of 3.5million Naira!

Save Nollywood Actors Foundation was founded on the premise of consolidating expedited relief efforts to Nollywood Actors and other entertainers who may be terminally ill.

You’ll recall that recently, most Nollywood actors and other entertainers had gone public seeking financial help to enable them receive precise medical attention for their ailments.

As of today, more than 26 entertainers are terminally ill and need urgent medical attention. We have names like Princes James Uche, Obi Madubuogu (King of Musanga), Theodor Anyanji, Joe Layode
(whose leg has been amputated, Tony Akposhere, Ernest Asuzu, etc.

Thank God for Leo Mezie who miraculously made it through after a massive campaign to save his life. Others weren’t so lucky- Muna Obiekwe, Ashley Nwosu, Peter Bunor, Elder Maya Njubigbo, Festus Aguebor, OJB Jezreel and Chaz B (OAP) of Rhythm FM who later lost his own battle as well- all after successful kidney transplants, and the list goes on an on.

According to one Mr. Brown, a Freelance journalist who seems to know a lot about the ministry, the man of God for years had accurately prophesied events in the entertainment industry, including the untimely deaths of its practitioners. This time around, he chose to go a little further than accurate prophecy and actually intervene.

Dr. Chris Okafor makes 3.5 million naira cash donation to 'Save Nollywood Actors Foundation”

The man of God laid hands on the sick entertainers, offering fervent prayers and promising to be a lifetime intercessor and prayer partner for the entertainment industry. He admonished the actors to live right and always trust in the Lord.

The greatest shock came when a huge parcel was handed the man of God from one of his pastors. It had a bold inscription on it, and it was 3.5million Naira in cash! The church went wild in ecstatic frenzy as the flabbergasted entertainers weep openly.

Through his Chris Okafor Humanity Foundation, the man of God has nearly 25 students on scholarship in universities alone, he makes both cash and food donations to widows virtually every other week, the Foundation has spent millions of Naira on medical bills for stranded patients or patients needing help with special treatment abroad, the Foundation routinely provides shelter and sundry empowerment programs to the indigent, all year round. According to the man of God, Dr. Chris Okafor, “Ministry for me is meaningless without meaningful philanthropy”.

Save Nollywood Actors Foundation Directors – Ejiro Okurame, Rita Edochie, Chioma Okoye, Emeka Torino and Joseph Okechukwu expressed their gratitude to the man of God and promised that his love gift will be judiciously applied. They also took the opportunity to appeal to well meaning Nigerians at home and abroad who have benefitted immensely from the industry to follow Dr. Chris Okafor’s foot steps in helping ailing entertainers get needed help right on schedule.

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