Anambra State

Pictures of Anambra’s Ultramodern Facility with 24 Hour Filling Station

Pictures of Anambra’s Ultramodern Facility with 24 Hour Filling Station

Stanel Oil, owned by Anambra born Stanley Uzochukwu is located along the Amansea Axis of the Awka – Onitsha Expressway just before the UNIZIK Main Gate.

Anambra Airport And The Birth Of A New Nation

Anambra Airport And The Birth Of A New Nation

There was a supposed 17 days government in our dear state. This said government in what may be viewed as apparent lack of leadership visions hurriedly awarded the failed Oba airport that would have been our worst nightmare as a state.

Anambra Airport And The Birth Of A New NationThen comes Okwute Ndigbo the enigma,the governor in whom ndi Anambra was well pleased,the administrator par excellence that has the clear analogy of good governance,the father of modern day Anambra who conceptualized this modern airport in Umueri, we sincerely say thank you former governor Peter Obi for giving us your best,anyi siri gi dalu sir.

Anambra Has Become Haven For Investors, Others – Obiano

Anambra Has Become Haven For Investors, Others – Obiano , 

The Governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano has said that his administration has committed positive efforts to be able to restore the faith and confidence of investors to bring their wealth to Anambra,as most business policy friendly state in Nigeria .
The Governor dropped this hint when he received a powerful delegation from the Anambra Consolidation Forum (ACF)who paid him a courtesy visit at the Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia.
Anambra Has Become Haven For Investors, Others - ObianoGov Obiano while addressing the delegation recalled that in time past the World Bank had labelled Anambra a B-minus state, meaning a no-go area for investors due to the prevailing security situation and other challenges. He stated that however the State under his watch has been recording massive influx of investors.

He described the drastic measures his administration has taken in ensuring maximum security as well as decisive actions taken to deal with insecurity.

This, he acknowledged has restored stability in the state, in addition to the transparency and accountability the administration has brought into investment processes in the State especially through the establishment of the state’s one-stop shop for investment, the Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency(ANSIPPA).

Lady who owns failed Ponzi scheme arrested in Anambra State

Lady who owns failed Ponzi scheme arrested in Anambra State

Owner of a failed Ponzi scheme has been arrested by Police in Anambra State.

A message shared by Facebook user, ‎Emeka Ugwuonye‎ reveals that the lady who is 25, created a Whatsapp group where people send money to each other, but it crashed along the line. See screenshots below:

Yesterday’s Tragedy – Dangote Truck Accident Hits Ihiala, Anambra – Pictures

Yesterday's Tragedy - Dangote Truck Accident Hits Ihiala, Anambra - PicturesYesterday’s TragedyDangote Truck Accident Hits Ihiala, Anambra – Pictures , Rest in peace to those who are hit to death by a Dangote trailer carrying about 500 bags of 50kg cement yesterday April 12th 2017 , opposite Total filling station ihiala, Anambra state.

A minute prayer for them please because is a tragedy event…. May there soul rest in peace, Amen!!

Pete Edochie At flagging off of Anambra Cargo and Passenger Airport – Pictures

Pete Edochie At flagging off of Anambra Cargo and Passenger Airport – Pictures – Nollywood Legend, Chief Pete Edochie, arriving in style, during the flagging off of Anambra Cargo and Passenger Airport by the All Round Hard Worker, Dr. Willie M Obiano, at Umueri

Obiano Fulfills Promise of Fire Service Trucks – Pictures

Obiano Fulfills Promise of Fire Service Trucks –  Pictures

When a fire outbreak that resulted from an accident involving a petrol tanker razed buildings and sowed anguish and misery in Onitsha on February 15 this year, Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State promised that Anambra would be better prepared for the fire next time.

The Governor kept his promise yesterday when he handed over three special Fire-fighting Trucks with a capacity to store 10,000 litres water, 750 litres of foam and 75kg of powder to the Fire Service at the Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia.

The Anambra Airport MoU Signing in Pictures

The Anambra Airport MoU Signing in Pictures – Today, Anambra State under Governor Willie Obiano signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that would ensure the immediate commencement of work on the proposed Umueri International Cargo Airport with a view to having the airport ready for use in three years.

The agreement was between the Government of Anambra State, China Aviation, Orient Petroleum Resources Ltd and Elite International Investment Holdings Ltd.

Following the successful agreement signing ceremony, Governor Obianowill flag off construction work on the site designated for the airport tomorrow in Umueri.

Quick Facts about the Umueri International Cargo Airport –

1. The project is actually an Airport City Model which will be developed as an integrated city comprising of an Airport with two standard runways, a shopping Mall, Industrial and Business parks and an Airport Motel

2. The Airport will be located on 1500 hectares of land with enough headroom for expansion.

3. The Airport will be constructed under the Build-Operate-Manage-and-Transfer (BOMT) model.

4. 3% of the profit made from the Airport will be reserved for the host (Umueri) community

4. When completed the airport will create 1200 direct jobs.

5. The airport is estimated to cost something in the region of $2bn

Actress Anita Jospeh buries her Dad in Anambra State – Pictures

Actress Anita Jospeh buries her Dad in Anambra State – Pictures

Nollywood Actress, Anita Joseph, lost her father late last year. She buried he father yesterday, Friday, 7th of April, 2017, in Nsugbe, Anambra State. Pictures below:

Read Anita’s tribute to her Dad;

“Its only when one experience the death
Of a loved one that you truly

know a pain so deep
you cannot comprehend
A vacuum no one else can fill.
I sit and reflect on my dads life
how well he lived it
how much he taught me
. As emotions flow through me

So nostalgic thinking of how
To say the final good bye
on Friday d 7th of april🙈💔 to see him for the last time
Never to set my eyes on him ever again.
May i heal from this as i grieve my main man
Death indeed has a sting

Rita Maduagwu, Anambra Speaker absconds with Mace to avoid impeachment

Rita Maduagwu, Anambra Speaker absconds with Mace to avoid impeachment

On Thursday after 28 members of the House of Assembly in Anambra had assembled to make moves to impeach the speaker of the house, Mrs. Rita Maduagwu, she noticed the move and disappeared from the room with the mace, which is a symbol of authority of the legislative House.

Governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano reportedly heard about the impeachment move and went to the House of Assembly complex to intervene but his argument fell on deaf ears.

Rita noticed that they were determined to do that and disappeared with the mace.

When the bell that signified her entry into the chambers rang several times, the Speaker was nowhere to be found.

Her absence made the Majority Leader, Victor Okoye, adjourn the sitting till Tuesday, April 11.

Speaking with journalists, Mr. Onyebuchi Offor, said:

“We came this morning to hold our normal session, only to be disappointed that the Speaker had absconded with the mace.
We have had poor leadership under Rita Maduagwu. But I’m assuring you that justice must prevail. No matter where she runs to, we have determined to take a decision on the leadership of this House. There is no going back, because we are here to serve Anambra people well.”

Women protest against Fulani herdsmen in Anambra State – Pictures

Women protest against Fulani herdsmen in Anambra State – Pictures

Women of Umunze in Orumba South LGA of Anambra State on Monday came out to protest against alleged invasion and attacks on their farmlands by Fulani herdsmen. Pictures below:

Anambra Youths Dare Engr Johnbosco Onunkwo, Give Him 21 Days Ultimatum

Anambra Youths Dare Engr Johnbosco Onunkwo, Give Him 21 Days Ultimatum 

Hundreds of youths gathered on saturday in Awka, the capital city of Anambra State to air their opinion on the dangling situation of the state, and to chart a way forward for the emancipation of youths in the State.

The gathering, which was attended by over 15 Youth Volunteer groups and Association was engineered to create an avenue of formal discussion of the polity of the state politics, and ways youths can synergize to ensure that they are no longer used as thugs and hoodlums during elections, only to be dumped after the polls.

The youths agreed that it was high time they threw their weight of support behind another youth, since the elders have grossly lived beyond expectations of the electorate that voted them in. Youths at the event expressed in their different opinions reasons why a youth like Engr. Johnbosco Onunkwo should be urged to contest, being a youth with the wherewithal to stir the required storm that can make a youth emerge winner in the 2017 gubernatorial polls.

Anambra Youths Dare Engr Johnbosco Onunkwo, Give Him 21 Days Ultimatum

Citing their reasons of urging Onunkwo to vie for the governor of the state, the groups said it became necessary to seek for a youth who understands youth, as it would be fair for someone who is pained to speak on behalf of others, as he will clearly highlight the pain of others, and Johnbosco Onunkwo is worthy enough to champion the cause of the youths.

The conference ended with a communiqué where the youths gave Engr. Johnbosco Onunkwo 21days ultimatum to declare his interest to run for the gubernatorial elections or forfeit the support of the youths. The Communiqué was signed by the head of the youth groups.

Man brutally kills uncle for not ‘helping’ him in Anambra state – Graphic Pictures

Man brutally kills uncle for not ‘helping’ him in Anambra state – Graphic Pictures

Man brutally kills uncle for not 'helping' him in Anambra state - Graphic Pictures

Daniel Ebem has been brutally killed allegedly by his elder brother’s son, Chigbo Edem because Daniel ‘refused to help him succeed in life’.

According to Facebook user, Uju Patricia who shared the picture, the incident happened last week Sunday after church service in Agulu. Graphic Picture below:

See Graphic Picture HERE


Occultic students apprehended during their initiation into their fraternity – Pictures

Occultic students apprehended during their initiation into their fraternity – Pictures

A set of occultic students reportedly to be from Fedpoly Oko in Anambra state were apprehended by amaokpala vilante group today being Sunday at okah junction Amaokpala during their initiation into their fraternity. Pictures below:

Notable Quotes From Prof Charles Soludo at obiano@3 Anniversary Lecture

Notable Quotes From Prof Charles Soludo at obiano@3 Anniversary Lecture

“Anambra will in the next 50 years become one Mega City” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

Notable Quotes From Prof Charles Soludo at obiano@3 Anniversary Lecture

“More than half of indigenes of Anambra live outside Anambra” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“Anambra Economy is the 4th Largest Economy in Nigeria after Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“Anambra has the 4th largest Bank Concentration in Nigeria… Anambra is a net exporter of capital” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“If Anambra is a country, it will be the 20th in Africa and I25th in the world goung by its GDP” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“Adult Literacy in Anambra is over 80%… with lowest Poverty Incidence” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“Anambra has a governor who understands wealth creation” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“When Nigeria is in recession and unemployment doubling, Anambra is creating wealth/jobs” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture.

“The governor is setting Anambra to a fiscal sustainability” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“The Economic Power is what is in our DNA and not the ephemeral Political Power” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“We now need the Anambra Brand and bring the world to Anambra” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“We must stop reading the book of Lamentation and start singing the Songs of Solomon” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“All over Africa, All over the world, we are taking hold of certain investment niches and even dominating them” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture says for every 10 Igbo men in diaspora, 7 are from Anambra State.

“All the Chinese, Indians should have consular offices in Anambra… we are the ones doing businesses with them”- Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“We cannot be shy about mainstreaming our identity… We are who we are” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“Fashola while apologizing for deportation of ndi Igbo said, ‘Why are you running away from your home’… This should energize the

‘Anambra is My Home Philosophy” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“Our society dies when we stop asking people ‘What Do You Do For A Living'” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture says we must change the idea of measuring government by only “what it has done for my village”

“Since 1999, no evidence that when a president and a particular state belongs to same party they get peculiar favour… show me the evidence” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“Gov Obiano is holding the touch Much Much Higher” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“Since 1999, No governor of Anambra has been so widely recognised in his 1st 3yrs than Gov Obiano” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

“I’m not running for the office of the governor because I ask the questions ‘If it is not broken, why the change?'” – Prof Soludo at #ObianoIn3years Anniversary Lecture

Obiano Takes Delivery Of Aerial Photographs Of Anambra State

Obiano Takes Delivery Of Aerial Photographs Of Anambra State

The governor of Anambra State Chief Willie Obiano kicked-started year 2017 with another milestone following the completion of the Aerial Photography of the state which was presented to him in a brief ceremony in Awka, yesterday.

The governor stated this when he received the 10 centimeters multi-spectral Aerial Photography of the entire state with documents on the project from Aeroprecisa, the contractors, on Monday at the Exco Chambers, Government House Awka, Anambra State.

Governor Obiano expressed delight at the prompt delivery of the project and commended the contractors for providing a veritable tool for effective infrastructural development of the state which will serve as a vital resource for subsequent administrations.

Said he: “I congratulate you for this great work which will help a great deal in our planning. In fact, it is the nucleus for the development of Anambra which every administration will find very useful.”

According to him, the materials will be relevant in identifying potentials for land, and agricultural applications; provide coordinates that will enhance the existing security system in the State as well as help the state achieve its Geographic Information System (GIS) management activities.

As he put it, “I have no doubt that the quantum of data generated with proper coordinates will help us in most of our programmes like land management, agriculture, housing and even security.”

The governor also commended the contractors for a job well done, and revealed that the state would work with them to train government officials in Ministries and Agencies to effectively utilize the materials for the benefit of the state.

The Contract for the high resolution Aerial Photography of Anambra was awarded in 2015 following the successful completion of the aerial photography of Awka Capital Territory. The project covered a total of 4850 square kilometers with the ability to identify small objects of up to ten centimeters.

Earlier in a presentation, the Chief Executive Officer of Aeroprecisa, Dr. Karmal Azar, stated that with the Aerial photography project Anambra can enhance the effective delivery of its programmes. He identified three broad areas where the project can be of immense benefit to the state including: Mapping/GIS, Land Management and Infrastructural Planning. Dr. Azar noted that the delivery of the project has put Anambra into the comity of states who are keying into the provisions of the 21st century technological advancements for the benefit of its people.

Mr. Mike Okonkwo, the Managing Director, Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTA), the coordinating Agency for the Project, said the Aerial photography is a prelude to the take-off of the GIS under which the land management across the state will be digitized and automated as obtains in developed cities of the world.

He explained that the system will create efficiency and precision which will translate into serious improvement in government’s land management and development control measures with great potentials for IGR and environmental management.

On his part, Mr. Chuka Ossai, GIS Analyst with Telecom Technologies International Limited, Project Consultants certified that the contractors executed the project in line with global standards and fulfilled all the parameters set for the state.

The highpoint of the event is the formal handover of the software and other digital materials and documents for the Aerial photography to the governor.

More pictures below:

Declare Anambra,Kogi and Enugu Oil Producing States – Reps Tell FG

Declare Anambra,Kogi and Enugu Oil Producing States – Reps Tell FG

The House of Representatives wants the Federal Government to give Anambra, Kogi and Enugu the oil producing states status.

Declare Anambra,Kogi and Enugu Oil Producing States - Reps Tell FG

Representatives of the three states say the government is aware that oil and gas deposits have been found in commercial quantities in Anambra Basin

The call by the House comes barely four months after the Kogi state House of Assembly urged the FG to accord Kogi the status of an oil producing state

The House of Reps adopted the motion to make Kogi, Enugu, Anambra oil producing states on Thursday, March 9.
The House of Representatives has adopted a resolution calling on the federal government to declare Kogi, Enugu and Anambra as oil producing states.

The resolution was adopted on Thursday, March 9, following of a motion jointly moved by Emmanuel Egwu, Tony Nwoye and Patrick Asadu from the three states respectively.

According to Premium times, Egwu who spoke on the behalf of the three states said the government was aware that oil and gas deposits have been found in commercial quantities in Anambra Basin.

He said: “We are aware that the failure to optimally explore this already established huge deposits in the Anambra Basin which would generate social and economic activities in the Basin has caused disaffection and crisis across those bordering States and occasionally led to bloodshed amongst citizens in the border corridors, where this oil is in high commercial quantity.

Between 1952 and 1986, three companies, namely; Shell BP (now Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Elf (now Total Fina Elf) and Agip Energy had dug 25 exploration wells in this Basin but abandoned them due to the Government policy then that these deposits are to be for strategic reserve.”

Egwu said the lawmakers believe that the declaration of these states as oil producing states will not in any way jeopardise the on-going field tracing and provisional boundary demarcation being carried out by National Boundary Commission among Anambra, Enugu and Kogi States, but will rather aid in determining the percentage of derivation accruable to the three states.

Truck crushes girl sent out of school over fees in Anambra – Graphic Pictures

Truck crushes girl sent out of school over fees in Anambra – Graphic Pictures

A female student of Community Secondary School, Adazi-Ani in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State who was sent out of school for not paying school fees was on Monday, the 6th day of March, 2017 crushed to death by a truck.

The truck said to belong to a soft drink company was said to have lost control as a result of brake failure.

An eyewitness, Mr. Abuchi Okwara, told Punch that the JSS2 student whose name was given as Chinyere was sent out of the school by the school’s authorities over non-payment of school fees.

“They were three that were sent out of the school for not paying school fees. But Chinyere was the one that was killed by the truck”.
The incident took place at about 9 O’Clock near that bus-stop”.
It was while they were heading home to get money which they were instructed to pay in the bank that she was killed while others escaped by the whiskers.

The vehicle cut off her head.

When contacted on the telephone, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mrs Nkeiru Nwode said ” our men are on ground there now and they know what to do”.

PDP Begs Anambra Assembly To Help Impeach Obiano

PDP Begs Anambra Assembly To Help Impeach Obiano

Willie Obiano Targets 111 Roads Within Next 90 Days

The Peoples Democratic Party has asked the Anambra state House of Assembly to impeach Governor Willie Obiano.

According to PUNCH, chairman of the PDP in the state, Prince Ken Emeakayi, said that the governor recently traveled abroad for 30 days without transmitting a letter to the state House of Assembly as required by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

”We have written to the police, DSS and other security agencies in the country to let them know that the governor is now acting illegally.

“We have duly notified the state House of Assembly in separate letters and we are calling on them to immediately commence impeachment proceedings on the governor because his offence is very clear.

“Obiano had in January, at the peak of the yuletide travelled to the US, without transmitting a letter to the House of Assembly, and stayed 30 days without his deputy acting as governor and as such not fit to continue with the task upon return. He is no longer the governor of this by this breach,” Emeakayi said.

FC Ifeanyi Ubah Players Arrive Egypt To Battle Al-Masry SC – Pictures

FC Ifeanyi Ubah Players Arrive Egypt To Battle Al-Masry SC – Pictures

FC Ifeanyi Ubah players have arrived Cairo International Air Port in Egypt ahead of their very important 2nd leg match against Egyptian club Al-Masry Sc.

FC Ifeanyi Ubah defeated their Egyptian counterpart Al-Masry Sc 1-0 during the first leg encounter CAF CONFEDERATION CUP match played on Sunday 12th February, 2017 in Anambra state.

The second leg match will be played this Sunday 19th February 2017 at Ismailia Stadium, Ismailia Egypt. Pictures below:

Prince Arthur Eze, 71, bows to Johnbosco Onunkwo, 43

Prince Arthur Eze, 71, bows to Johnbosco Onunkwo, 43

Engr. Johnbosco Obinna Onunkwo is an APC governorship aspirant. Picture below:

Prince Arthur Eze, 71, bows to Johnbosco Onunkwo, 43

Anambra State Government Signs a MOU on mechanized Farming with Chelsea Group

Anambra State Government Signs a MOU on mechanized Farming with Chelsea Group

Chief Patrick Chidolue, Chairman Chelsea Group Ltd, led his Chelsea Group to signing of the memorandum of understanding which was signed for the development of large scale mechanised agriculture project worth 68 billion naira in Anyamelum local government area of Anamabra State .

Anambra State Government Signs a MOU on mechanized Farming with Chelsea Group

The Executive Governor of Anambra State on the occasion express his delight that the project will contribute to his transformation program and create jobs for residents of the state.

Chief Chidolue, who spoke of his desire to partner with the Anambra state government in creating jobs and enhancing export of food items from Anambra cited the prevailing peaceable security in the state as an incentive to investors to invest in the state. Chief Patrick Chidolue promised the willingness of Chelsea Group to complete the project in record time.

Governor Willie Obiano stressed that the project will not only help to check the challenge of food security but also provide jobs for the teeming youths in the state which could be to the tune of employing one thousand youths.

The area of concentration for the mechanised agriculture projects includes cultivation of maize, cassava and soya beans.
Chelsea Group is an investment company that has invested in mechanised agriculture in Nigeria and has huge expertise in various subsidiarycompanies notable amongst which includesPatnasonic Industries Limited – a company that employs over One Thousand and Two Hundred Staff (1,200) with presence in Lagos, Abuja and Anambra States. Patnasonic Industries Limited is involved in real estate development.Its major projects including the development of the old Chelsea Hotel with Seventy Five (75) rooms and various 5-Star facilities, Fifty (50) Flats Housing Estate at Maitama A6 in 1991 currently being occupied by the Federal Ministry of Finance/Federal Ministry of Works and Housing,and a 24-Flats Complex currently occupied by the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals Development, Wuse 2, Abuja etc.
There is also Chelsea Hotels Limited –with over One Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty (1,250) staff strength and gigantic footprints in Lagos and Abuja. Chelsea Hotel is a service provider in hospitality industry.

The company intends to create a local international branch and to employ over Fifteen Thousand (15,000) people by 2020. Whereas Chelsea Technologies Limited is the Information Technology (IT) arm of the Group that specializes on biometrics human resources software;Chidol Properties Limited – a company incorporated in 1987, employing over 300 people is a subsidiary company of the group that produces wooden finishing and household furniture. Chelsea University situate in Gwarinpa is expected to resume full academic function in 2018.

Buhari currently working on Enugu – Onitsha Expressway – Pictures

Buhari currently working on Enugu – Onitsha Expressway – Pictures

The APC Government is really doing something for my state … #Kudos. Pictures below:

This place was saved from Erosion in Anambra State – Before and After Pictures

This place was saved from Erosion in Anambra State – Before and After Pictures

Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) in conjunction with Anambra state government made this happen. Pictures below:

Senator Andy Uba Joins APC

Senator Andy Uba Joins APC – Anambra State Latest News – Road to 2017 Governorship Election . Can Obiano Stand Alone and Win this Forth Coming Election ? Read the News Below and Share.

Sen. Andy Uba, representing Anambra South Senatorial zone under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC).Senator Andy Uba Joins APC

Uba disclosed this at a news briefing on Wednesday in his home country, Uga, Aguata Local Government Area of the state.

The lawmaker said that he joined the APC at the ongoing registration of party members in the state.

According to him, APC has ideology and focus which he needed to tap into to provide quality representation to his constituents.

Uba further said that he joined the APC because of other personalities in the party with sound ideas and whom he looked up to in politics. He listed some of the personalities to include the Minister of Labour and Employment, Sen. Chris Ngige, and APC National Auditor, Chief George Muoghalu. Uba stressed that with such caliber of people, the party would take the state to enviable heights. The senator said he would be very effective in serving the yearnings of his people more now that he was in APC and urged other Igbo politicians to join the bandwagon. The registration of senator Uba had doused speculations of his defection to APC which had been on for many weeks in the state.

Source: Vanguard

Anambra 2017: Why Willie Obiano should win – James Eze

Anambra 2017: Why Willie Obiano should win – James Eze

Even the blind can see that Chief Willie Obiano will win the next gubernatorial election in Anambra State. And this is not even a great insight. The evidence is there; staring at anyone who cares to know…daring us all to contradict the screaming facts of his nearly three years of top-class performance.Anambra 2017: Why Willie Obiano should win - James Eze

The bad news about this obvious fact is that in spite of Obiano’s sterling achievements, some otherwise smart sons and daughters of the state have filed out to run against him. And they will lose their money! The good news is that in challenging Obiano, they will not only be preserving the democratic tradition but they will be providing temporary employment for the youths. They will also be injecting some huge resources into the local economy of the state with campaign funds that will be in circulation for the better part of the year. Now, that is something we all need. What a relief it would offer from the debilitating recession! But that is as far as it goes. The truth that stands unwavering before Ndi Anambra today is that come November 2017, Willie Obiano will be running an election in which even his greatest challenger expects him to win!

Indeed, Obiano has done so well in less than three years that he easily stands out as an oasis of hope in a terrain overcast by despair and decay. Not only has he shown us that there are better ways of handling important sectors as security, education, support to industries and trade and commerce but Willie Obiano is the first governor of Anambra State to take the issue of aesthetics very seriously. From the commendable provision of “road furniture” on many roads across the state to the dazzling streets that now shimmer with brilliant rays at night. Yes, Anambra is beginning to wear an appearance that is reflective of its helmsman. Obiano’s colourful personality is beginning to shine through in the physical structures on the ground, making a whole new aesthetic statement that is long overdue in a state of its stature. The height of this commendable shift was the evacuation of a 30-year old mountain of refuse in Okpoko, near Onitsha. This singular act symbolizes Obiano’s intolerance of ugliness of all shades; literally and figuratively. So, increasingly, we are beginning to see; not only the brick and mortar aspects of Obiano’s economic blueprint but also the glamourous side of a long vision of development. And this, to my mind is as it should be!

Obiano’s uncanny ability to read and interpret the times and the seasons makes it difficult to wrong-foot him. His forecast of the crash in oil prices leading to some of the measures he implemented to put Anambra on a strong footing; his swift response to the recession with a well-crafted Economic Stimulus Package, his rising to the occasion as demanded by the season to honour distinguished Ndi Anambra at the epoch-making event that rounded off the Anambra @25 Celebration, are just a few of Obiano’s quick-thinking initiatives that his opponents will have a tough time to match. When we also remember his symbolic memorial for Ndigbo who lost their lives in the Biafran War, we see a leader who is as obsessed with tomorrow as he is concerned about yesterday. Yes, sometimes, leadership collapses into an exercise steeped in symbols. The leader’s figurative stance, his body language, his calculated gestures all become powerful tremors rippling through the people and stampeding a movement in expected directions. We have seen a lot of that in Anambra State under Obiano.

There is also a widening circle of development across Anambra State. Roads matter a lot to Ndi Anambra. No community wants to be cut off from the spreading circle of development. But new roads are being constructed nowadays beyond the earlier target of providing access to the agricultural belt and the industrial clusters.

As a result of all these, the pack of frazzled aspirants seeking nomination in different parties to challenge Obiano will have a tough time explaining why a governor who cleansed the state of crime, put the state on the agricultural map, sustained its position on the educational map, extended development to every community with the N20m Community Choose-your-Project Initiative, opened access to the oilfields of Aguleri, lighted up the state with sparkling streetlights and changed the state capital for good, should not get a second term. How would they convince Ndi Anambra that a man who made it possible for them to sleep with both eyes closed does not deserve the chance to do more? Would doling out money as is their wont, cut down his popularity? Would the often blunt-edged calumny campaign whittle down the importance of his staggering achievements?

And maybe we should chew on this… The Igbo world applauds high achievements. We love to see one of our own rise above the strictures imposed by nature and nurture to change their status and their environment. This is the spirit behind Igbo achievements; the spirit of nwata kwo aka, osolu okenye rie nri. This is what Okonkwo Adi, the archetypal Igbo hero did in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. And that is exactly what Willie Obiano has done in Anambra State. He has shown himself worthy and should be fairly acknowledged!
On the other hand, the Igbo world detests imposition of any kind. This is the reason why the British had a tough time with our ancestors who refused to be beaten into shape with the colonial indirect rule system and its contrived impositions. This is also the reason APC’s marauding army will fail in Anambra State, the heart of the Igbo nation. Surely, the people leading this invasion must be familiar with these subtleties. Senator Chris Ngige, I am sure, could not have forgotten in a hurry what happened when he stormed Onitsha during the Ofala Week four years ago with a gang of broom-wielding APC invaders. The arrogance of the APC stalwarts who refused to acknowledge the slight they had done to the ancient stool of the Obi of Onitsha still lingers to this day. I remember some concerned Nigerians asking the former governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole who was one of the invaders whether he would have contemplated such a brazen violation of the Igue Festival in Benin. But Senator Ngige carried on with his toady arrogance as though the party could do no wrong.

All things considered, it does not require the use of a crystal ball to see that anyone aspiring to lead Anambra State on the platform of APC is hallucinating at best and in a delirium at worse. Ndi Anambra are bound to ask whether the basic philosophies behind APC are in agreement with the Igbo. They will ask how many Igbo sons and daughters sat down with the founders of APC to draft the ideologies of the party. But perhaps more importantly, Ndi Anambra will look across the hills to Imo State where the APC “magic” is in full bloom and decide whether that is the future we want for ourselves!

Interestingly, impartial observers of Anambra State under Obiano have made the decision fairly easy for Ndi Anambra. When they crowned him The Sun Governor of the Year, Silverbird Man of the Year, Vanguard Governor of the Year and the New Telegraph newspaper gave him an award for Outstanding Performance, they made the task of choosing less difficult for Ndi Anambra. And when the Ethics and Corporate Compliance Institute of Nigeria decorated him with the Nigeria Integrity and Anti-Corruption Award and the Institute for Housing and Urban Development of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam awarded him a Certificate of Recognition because “through his visionary leadership, strong motivation and commitment, he has managed to bring a radical change to his country’s development and empower future city changers,” they actually made his choice a sacred duty that Ndi Anambra must perform to stay in right standing with the rest of the world!

By James Eze (

Anambra 2017 Election : Sir Emeka Offor Joins APC

Anambra 2017 Election : Sir Emeka Offor Joins APC

Anambra Billionaire Sir Emeka Offor defect to APC:

It has been confirmed that Sir Emeka Offor has defect to APC at the ongoing party registration exercise.

Dear wailing friends,
I don’t owe you any apology for my love for APC and it’s leaders.
I can’t, won’t and don’t wish to argue with you because, you belong to the other room.
I argue with people in sitting and bed room….Anambra 2017 Election : Sir Emeka Offor Joins APC

Thanks and remain a wailer… – Maduka Uche Ken

Governor Obiano is Sick , Vision Problem , Domestic Accident & Other Rumors

Governor Obiano is Sick , Vision Problem , Domestic Accident & Other Rumors

There was uncertainty in Anambra State over the state of health of Governor Willie Obiano following rumours that he might have been flown abroad for an eye-related ailment on Tuesday.
The report of his alleged ill health and being flown overseas was an issue of discussion among political appointees and politicians in the state.Governor Obiano is Sick , Eye Problem , Domestic Accident & Other Rumors
The rumour had it that the governor had a domestic accident that affected one of his eyes that he had previously had problem with.
Attempts to reach the governor on his telephone could not yield any result as his line continually said “The International number you called cannot be reached as dialed.’’
The governor had travelled outside the state for over two weeks.
State functions are being presided over by his deputy, Dr. Nkem Okeke.
Reacting, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media, Strategic Communications and Legislative Matters, Prince Oliver Okpala, said the governor was hale and hearty.
He said the governor was on his annual holidays.
Okpala said, “There is no truth in the story. The governor has no health problem, not even eye problem as they are speculating.
“You know this is election year, and the governor decided to take his annual leave this time to rest before the electioneering would commence in earnest.
“There is no problem with our governor. He properly handed over to his deputy, Dr. Nkem Okeke, to act on his behalf.”
Okpala said the dark goggle the governor wore had photochromic lenses that had nothing to do with eye trouble.
He said the governor would soon be back to the state.

Credit : PUNCH.

Full List Of Contestants For Anambra 2017 Governorship Election

Full List Of Contestants For Anambra 2017 Governorship Election

 Anambra State – Vivian Gist Nigeria 2017


Full List Of Contestants For Anambra 2017 Governorship Election
Full List Of Contestants For Anambra 2017 Governorship Election

APC Candidates:
Prof Chukwuma Soludo
Chief George Muoghalu
Mr Ifeanyi Ubah
Engr Barth Nwibe
Sen Andy Uba
Dr Chike Obidigbo
Chief Obinna Uzor
Chief Tony Nwoye
Sen Uche Ekwunife
Chief Ralph Okeke
Prince Donatus Okonkwo
Chief Paul Chukwuma
Mr Obinna Okonkwo

PDP Candidates:
Osita Chidoka
Emma Ezeanuna

APGA Candidates:
Chief Willie Obiano
Dr Elo Aforka

Anambra 2017 Governorship Election : Soludo, Ubah, Ekwunife To Pick APC Ticket

Anambra 2017 Governorship Election : Soludo, Ubah, Ekwunife To Pick APC Ticket

A former CBN Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo, Capital Oil boss, Dr. Ifeanyi Uba, Sen. Uche Ekwunife, and ten other aspirants have indicated interest to contest for the All
Progressives Congress (APC) ticket in the forthcoming Anambra governorship election.Anambra 2017 Governorship Election : Soludo, Ubah, Ekwunife To Pick APC Ticket

Mr Emeka Ibe, Chairman of the party in the state, made this known to newsmen on Tuesday in Awka.

He stressed that there would be no automatic ticket for any aspirant, adding that they would all participate in the state`s primaries to emerge as candidate for the election.

“We will give all aspirants equal playing ground. There is no special interest in any aspirant.
“We will hold transparent primaries for them because they are all qualified to unseat Gov. Willie Obiano.

“Any of them who emerges as our candidate in the state is capable of removing Obiano from office,’’ Ibe said.

He added that the party would embark on continuous membership registration exercise before the end of the month to accommodate those who want to join in the state.

Ibe, however, said that anybody with criminal records would not be allowed to join the party in the state.

He maintained that there was no zoning arrangement in the party, adding that new members would have equal rights as old ones.

Others, who indicated interest to contest the APC ticket include: Chief George Muoghalu, Chief Barth Nwibe, Mr Obinna Okonkwo and Chief Paul Chukwuma.

Others are Dr Chike Obidigbo, Chief Raph Okeke, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, Chief Tony Nwoye, Sen. Uche Ekwunife, Sen. Andy Ubah, Chief Obinna Uzor and Prince Donatus Okonkwo.

Fake drug peddlers should be killed – Governor Willie Obiano

Fake drug peddlers should be killed – Governor Willie Obiano

Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State on Monday, the 23rd day of January, 2017 recommended death sentence for fake drug peddlers.

Anambra Administration Built On People, Says Obiano

Obiano said this during the presentation ceremony of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation certificate to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, South-East zonal Laboratory at Agulu, Anambra State by the United States Pharmacopeia Convention

Obiano said:

“It’s the worst criminal act to humanity. Fake drug is the worst crime anybody can commit. There is no need jailing such people; they should be killed”,

The governor, who was represented by his deputy, Dr. Nkem Okeke, said the state was making efforts to partner the Federal Government to check the influx of fake drugs into the Onitsha Bridgehead market.

To prevent the people of the state from falling prey to fake drug sellers, a health insurance scheme was being put in place to treat the people centrally, he announced.

Prof. Isaac Adewole, the Minister of Health in his comment at the event, paid tribute to the former Director- General of the NAFDAC, the late Prof. Dora Akunyili, for her achievement. And praised her husband, Dr. Chike Akunyili, for encouraging his late wife to serve the country.

He said,

“I would want to recognise the presence of the husband of the late Prof. Akunyili. Today is a day for celebration for you. Akunyili’s name is immortal. Posterity will ever be grateful to her for what she did in this agency and for the country.”

Bishop Hilary Odili Okeke’s 70th Birthday Celebration – Pictures

Bishop Hilary Odili Okeke’s 70th Birthday Celebration – Pictures

From the Catholic Bishop of Nnewi , Read below:

My soul glorifies the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God, my Saviour. He looks on his servant in his lowliness … The Almighty works marvels for me. Holy is His name! I join my Mother Mary in glorifying and thanking God for the wonders He did for me as I celebrate my 70th birthday! I cannot believe what I saw – the ocean of love and solidarity from Bishops, especially His Eminence John Cardinal Onaiyekan and over 35 other Archbishops and Bishops, our Governor, Chief Willie Obiano, represented by his CSG, former Governors of Anambra State – Dr. Chris Ngige, Lady Virgy Etiaba and Chief Peter Obi, eminent men and women, lots of priests, Brothers and Sisters, especially huge contingent of Major Superiors! I have never experienced such mammoth display of love and solidarity!

Chidinma Okeke, ex-miss Anambra gets her car back

Chidinma Okeke, ex-miss Anambra gets her car back 

According to Emeka Ugwuonye, who is a lawyer, Anambra Broadcasting Service has returned ex-miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke’s car to her. She signed an undertaking not to grant interviews.

Read what he wrote below:

The Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) yesterday returned the prize vehicle to the former Anambra Beauty Queen and made her sign an undertaking that she would not grant press interviews or reveal that the circumstances under which the prize car was returned to her. The threatened to have her detained if she breached that undertaking.
From one of the ABS insiders, the Management of ABS took this measure in order to stop Chidinma from continuing as Government witness in the criminal case going on in Lagos. The ABS wants to suppress the ongoing case because their were involved in the making and leak of the sex video. If the case were to go on, the accused person will reveal the truth. They met with Ms. Okeke without her lawyer. They told her that nobody was allowed to come for the meeting except her parents.
It is clear that Anambara State Government is behind this whole show of shame. They are doing everything to kill the case. Indeed, the DSS refused to make available to Chidinma and her lawyer the outcome of their investigation of the case explicitly because of the involvement of some Government officials in the scandal, particularly the Director of the ABS.
More updates will be coming your way. But as we warned months, those who think that the Chidinma Okeke’s case would die quietly are joking. In fact, even Chidinma Okeke cannot stop this story. We have sufficient insider sources in Anambra State.
NOTE: The prize car was one of the prize award given to Chidima Okeke for winning the Beauty Pageantry for the year. The picture of the car and a ceremony is shown here. It is not yet clear what Chidinma plans to do about this development. But the pressure for her to keep quiet is high and Nigerians must not allow that to happen.”

Transcript ABS COMMENTARY: APC presses right of reply to APGA Chairman

Transcript ABS COMMENTARY: APC presses right of reply to APGA Chairman

The news commentary written by Mr. Nobert Obi, Anambra State Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA,) and read in the studios of Anambra State Broadcasting Service (ABS) this morning (19th January, 2017) ,with promise of subsequent broadcasts is a slap on the face of every Anambra citizen and resident.Transcript ABS COMMENTARY: APC presses right of reply to APGA Chairman

In the first place, Anambra ABS is not owned by APGA even though the party is by a slip of history currently controlling the state government.

However, without a clear understanding of this simple principle, ABS has virtually surrendered its air waves to party officials of APGA to campaign, cajole, poor invectives and tell lies to Ndi Anambra and slander opponents without right of fair hearing.

In the past ABS using the name of another APGA person claimed that the leader of our great party, alongside Dr Alex Ekwueme, chieftain of PDP and Chief Emeka Anyaoku had endorsed a certain Chief Willie Obiano for a second term in office, ahead of the latter’s party.

Events have since proved these desperate assertions false and coming from an unraveling assembly of traders, masquerading as a party, with the emotions of Ndigbo as their only stock-in-trade.
The station also allowed a pillory of APC regarding unfounded stories on land appropriation through the instrumentality of ranches for herdsmen, an otherwise beneficial scheme to all Nigerians.

Today, Nobert Obi went into pouring innuendos on politicians who recently pitched their camp with APC, subscribing to the rules of our great party which is determined to win the Anambra State 2017 Gubernatorial elections.

It pouring veiled invectives on Dr Chike Obidigbo, the one who history documents as having been chosen by the Anambra State citizens residing within the Anambra North senatorial zone, when a certain APGA chieftain of the past claimed to be interested in producing a governor from that zone. Alas it turned out that the real target was to appoint a school mate, church mate, business partner and a co-member of the same extra-legal organization.
Obidigbo, our member shall be protected from the remaining arsenal of APGA eager to retain an illegitimate castle built on quicksand.

The commentary under review also took a swipe at Dr Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah, a member of APC and others who recently joined our party and are interested in the gubernatorial ticket. We dare say that the only reason why Obi can call anyone a serial governorship aspirant is because his incumbent does not know or value what REAL governorship aspiration takes, having been smuggled into the saddle. But we hasten to remind all that three months to APGA nomination in 2013, Chief Willie Obiano was not a member of APGA.

Chairman Obi’s partisan essay ended with a comment cursing those opposing APGA, which to our mind may be a curse to APGA itself given that both God and Nigerian statutes recognize the place of opposition and give them due recognition unlike APGA-controlled structures, which will not even obey existing laws.

However, beyond the content of these invectives, ABS has negated the rule of equal opportunities and balance clearly provided by the statutes in Nigeria for all media and particularly the broadcast industry, through The Broadcast Code.

Specifically, the ABS has overstretched the patience of our great party and appropriated a station maintained with the public sweat of Ndi Anambra to clannish manipulation of a party in its last days, and such will no longer be acceptable.

We demand in the first place a slot for a response to Mr. Norbert Obi, authored by the Chairman of APC, as part of our right of response to the provocative utterances of the APGA State Chairman in today’s ABS commentaries, at no cost to hat is good for the goose is good for the gander.

This is without prejudice to other administrative and legal steps that will be taken by our great party now and afterwards to avert a re-occurrence.

As henceforth, any such commentaries will attract a counter response from the APC at no cost, or we shall pull all strings within the law, particularly the broadcast code to ensure that public trust remains public trust.

We seize this opportunity to assure our teeming supporters eager and ready to ensure an APC success in this year’s governorship polls in order to enthrone an integrated development driven by 22 competing government-one state government and 21, local governments, to be steadfast.

We know it for a fact that just like Herod, try as he did could not ill Jesus Christ despite wasting the lives of male children aged between zero and two years in that time, APC’s match to Government House Awka cannot be perforated by campaign of calumny, unprofessionally placed in media that are reputation- challenged.

Urge ABS to ensure that no such unbalanced commentary hits the airwaves from their stable, as henceforth, and to conform to the rules of broadcasting or have us to contend with.

We expect to stay on this issue whether it logically ends in one hour, one day, one week, one moth or one year. But certainly, we shall see the end.

Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary
Awka, January 19, 2017

Sir Norbert Reveals Secret Behind APGA

Sir Norbert Reveals Secret Behind APGA

Governments enthroned by the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA since 2006 are comparatively better than other governments controlled by other political parties in different parts of Nigeria.Sir Norbert Reveals Secret Behind APGA

The Anambra state chairman of APGA, Sir Nobert Obi made this assertion today while exchanging views with journalist at the party’s secretariat in Awka.
Sir Nobert explained that the secret of the party’s success is in the fact that governors produced by it especially in Anambra state have remained faithful in the implementation of APGA manifesto and sacred conjunction of the supreme leader of the party, late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu.
He recalled that Governor Rochas Okorocha who was initially elected on the platform if APGA was doing well and popular with the people of Imo state until he defected to the APC.
The Anambra state APGA boss said that citizens of other states in the country particularly those in other Southeast geopolitical zone are envious of Ndi Anambra because of the good governance and impressive democracy dividends being provided by Governor Willie Obiano.
Sir Nobert enthused that the incumbent Anambra state governor would easily be re-elected in this year’s gubernatorial poll because of his credible performance in less than three years of being in the saddle as the state’s helmsman.
The Anambra state APGA chairman also described the efforts of opposition parties in the state towards the forthcoming governorship election as an exercise in futility, pointing out that the political party of Governor Obiano‘s potential challenger are already in state’s helmsman.
The Anambra state APGA chairman also described the efforts of opposition parties in the state towards the forthcoming governorship election as an exercise in futility, pointing out that the political party of Governor Obiano‘s potential challenger are already in disarray.

APC is the newest bride for Anambra Guber election, this 2017.

By : Emmanuel Ezendigbo Ifediata

APC is the newest bride for Anambra Guber election, this 2017.

All the serial contestants for the governor’s position have flocked into APC to clinch the party’s ticket. Godwin Ezeemo, Barth Nwibe, Tony Nwoye, Ifeanyi Uba, and the National Auditor of the APC, George Muoghalu are all battling for APC’s ticket. Gov. Willie Obiano is asking for APC’s hand in marriage but the party leadership asked him to pass through the door and not through the window.APC is the newest bride for Anambra Guber election, this 2017.

My source also confirmed that Senator Andy Uba had reached an agreement with the presidency to join APC after contesting the governorship. Chances are that if Senator Andy UBA wins the governorship, he would join APC. If he didn’t win, he would go back to the senate, although he would still join APC in order to replace Sen. Ike Ekweremadu as the Deputy Senate President. The Senate Presidency has been zoned to the South east come 2019, and Ike Ekweremadu and his dying PDP would not be allowed to occupy the No 3 in Nigeria by APC senators.

Dr Eloka, Willie Obiano‘s aide, is also contesting against his boss.

Have you heard about #Correction2017?

Anambra must decide.

Anambra State Government to build 326 Primary Health Centres across the 326 Political Wards

Anambra State Government to build 326 Primary Health Centres across the 326 Political Wards

Another first from Anambra!

State Government is set to build 326 Primary Health Centres across the 326 Political Wards in Anambra as part of an intervention to bring healthcare to the grassroots.Anambra State Government to build 326 Primary Health Centres across the 326 Political Wards

Already, no fewer than 63 health facilities within Anambra have been upgraded to world class standard.

Imagine a world class Health Centre in every ward in Anambra State courtesy of #ObianoEffect!

What do you think?

  • Ifeanyi Aniagoh

Meet the Alleged Oldest Man in Anambra State – 122 Years Old

Meet the Alleged Oldest Man in Anambra State  – 122 Years Old

As shared by a Facebook User Iloka Ifeanyi . Ifeanyi Wrote :

Me and my grandfather, his now 122 years

 Iloka Ifeanyi

How Kene Ambrose Nwokolo Was Killed In Anambra State on December 27th 2016

How Kene Ambrose Nwokolo Was Killed In Anambra State on December 27th 2016

Young Lagos banker and only son of a widow dies during fracas in Anambra State

Late Kene Ambrose Nwokolo, the only son of a widow, Mrs Enu Nwokolo died after he was hit by some men during an ‘avoidable’ fracas in Anambra State on December 27th. According to his friend, Tobenna Obiano, he fell on the tarred road by the edge of a water way and bled profusely. He was rushed to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi where he passed away…

How Kene Ambrose Nwokolo Was Killed In Anambra State on December 27th 2016
How Kene Ambrose Nwokolo Was Killed In Anambra State on December 27th 2016

How Kene Ambrose Nwokolo Was Killed In Anambra State on December 27th 2016

Kene, until his death was working with a new generation bank in Lagos. He will be laid to rest on January 21.

Below is a tribute and details surrounding his death posted by Tobenna Obiano:

Life abroad keeps you often away from family, friends and associates, yet there are persons who you may not completely do away with. Persons who are indispensable, Kene is one young man too many.
En route Nigeria through London, I spoke with Ambrose and he was in high spirit. He had always been a jolly good fellow, doing his things in his own quiet way yet making waves. You may mistake him for a weakly, but he is strongwilled and positive minded as the word. Hardwork is only but a part of him.

The Ambrose I know is humble, humane, sound, seasoned, polished, fine and refined. He is a model as far as been quintessential is concerned. He is respectful, obedient and never ever looks for anyone’s trouble.
He was my junior at Infant Jesus Nursery Primary School, Awka. Also at Tansi International College, Awka. He later left for further studies abroad where he finished his Bachelors as well as Masters degrees. On his return, he hanged on for a while in Awka, the city where he was born, breed and brought up before heading to Lagos where he worked and lived.
Ambrose was working with a new generation bank and I tell you what, from a very reliable source who is a top management of the bank, I learnt that he was to be amongst the hopefuls for a super Nigerian banking sector. He was too good that his bank management were willing to send him on virtually all courses or training, as well as speed up his promotion. He was to be a renowned banker and yes, he was ready for the multitasking demands of the Nigerian banking sector and the hurdles to succeed in same.
When I arrived Lagos this Christmas, I and Ambrose were supposed to hang out, but due to want of time, it didn’t hold. His close friend Kenechukwu Mbakigwe was available and on hand with a couple of friends to host me in Lagos.
I left Lagos on 23rd December for my home town of Nibo while Ambrose was headed home for Christmas on the 24th.
My breaking point coupled with rude shock was when my brother and friend, Onyedibe Arthur called to break a bad news, worse of the year almost at year end to me, “Ambrose Kene Nwokolo is dead”. On reception of the news, my phone almost fell down. Ambrose can’t be dead. I spoke with him, I did chat with him and we are supposed to see this Christmas and even in the New Year. What the heck is this guy talking about?
It later turned out to be true that Kene, a non violent only son with a sole sister both of a very hardworking widow is dead!
Ambrose demise was due to the carelessness of some nonentities who choose violence, abuse and attack in the face of a seemingly fine gentleman and towards an avoidable fracas. Ambrose was peaceful but the nincompoops weren’t. He was hit, he fell to the tarred road by the edge of a water way and Kene bled profusely. He was rushed to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi where things went out of control. It led to a sad ending.
I have put a call across to his close friend KC only to find out that he then wasn’t aware. What a sad news it later was to him. I also choose not to bother calling his other close friend, Kingsley Ellis Jnr Idemobi, because we all are mourning and are heartbroken.
Many people have given instances about persons who might or really were involved in Kene’s type of accident, almost died but near miraculously survived. I mean, why didn’t this miracle not happen with Kene? Why not with him. It would have been a great news for us all, had he survived nomatter the intensity of whatsoever. Death is indeed a sad and terrible ending.
Now, I returned home for Christmas. I have been thus far having fun and enjoying a reunion with family, friends, associates attending events and sort. The news of the sudden death of Ambrose broke my protocol and I had to shut down many activities I had planned, including attending a wedding of a former schoolmate and friend who his wedding fell in, exactly on the day I received the news of Ambrose death. Mr. Nandi Nnaemeka Donatus, would now understand my absence.
I pray God to grant Kene’s only sister, and their mum, Mrs. Enu Nwokolo, and indeed the entire Nwokolo family the fortitude to bear the irreparable and irreplaceable loss, Amen.
This is way to cut the joys of Christmas short. And we are all involved in this. Peace perfect peace unto him and the light of God shine upon him.
May the Lord repose Kene’s soul in his bossom, Amen.
Goodnight my friend and soul brother!

Armed Forces Remembrance Day 2017 , Anambra State – Pictures

Armed Forces Remembrance Day 2017 , Anambra State – Pictures

Armed Forces Day in Anambra: Gov Obiano Pays Tribute to Fallen Heroes, Promises to Sustain the Security Status

Anambra State today joined rest of the country for the 2017 Wreath Laying and Parade ceremonies to mark the end of 2017 Armed Forces and Remembrance Day Celebration.

Armed Forces Remembrance Day 2017 , Anambra State - Pictures
Armed Forces Remembrance Day 2017 , Anambra State – Pictures

Armed Forces Remembrance Day 2017 , Anambra State - Pictures
Armed Forces Remembrance Day 2017 , Anambra State – Pictures

The event which took place at Dr Alex Ekwueme Square, Awka witnessed Parade Formation by the Nigerian Army, Navy and Nigeria Legion and was earlier inspected by the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, represented by his Deputy, Dr Nkem Okeke.

Present at the event were the State heads of security agencies, including the Army, Navy, Police, Federal Road Safety Corps, Civil Defence among others.

Others were government officials, traditional rulers, captains of industries, to mention but a few.

Describing the event, Governor Obiano said the day was significantly set aside to remember and honour the sacrifices rendered by the Nigerian Armed Forces, in which some lost their lives in discharge of their duties.

Governor Obiano noted that the Armed Forces had made the nation proud in their recent effort to arrest insecurity and other insurgence in the country.

The Governor stressed the need to adequately cater for the welfare of security agencies, adding that the state government would always promote their interest by giving them a pride of place due to their relentless commitment in safeguarding the state.

He maintained that the present peace and security in the state were as a result of their doggedness and sleepless nights in ensuring safety ofAnambra people, promising that the state would continue to sustain her present security status in the country.

While thanking God for the success of last yuletide season, Governor Obiano disclosed that his administration would ensure the state lives above economic recession, saying 2017 would be a bountiful year for the state, as tremendous amount of economic growth will be recorded.

The highlights of the event were laying of wreath, firing of 21 gun salute, and release of pigeons in honour of the past heros.

Reports by John Ndu

List of Contestants for Anambra 2017 Governorship Election – Allegedly

List of Contestants for Anambra 2017 Governorship Election

Here is the alleged list of APC , PDP , APGA , and Other Political Parties for the Anambra 2017 Governorship Election , and from the News Viral Online , Buhari’s Minister, 3 Other APC Candidates Battle To Remove Willie Obiano.

List of Contestants for Anambra 2017 Governorship Election - Allegedly
List of Contestants for Anambra 2017 Governorship Election – Allegedly


 They include:

1. Senator Chris Ngige: Senator Chris Ngige, the former Governor of Anambra State and now Minister of Labour, is unarguably one of the most influential politicians in both Anambra State and the South-East zone today. Although his tenure as Governor of Anambra State on the platform of PDP was cut short midway because of the controversies over his relationship with some powerful political godfathers who allegedly rigged the election to install him as governor, he has remained very influential even though all his efforts since then to return as the executive governor of the state have failed to yield positive result. On November 11, 2015, he was named the Minister of Labour and Employment by President Muhammadu Buhari. Ngige wants to return to the government house in Awka, except he is assured of retaining his present position at the federal cabinet, it would be difficult to stop Ngige from contesting the coming governorship election.

2. Uche Ekwunife: Another influential politician believed to be interested in the governorship ticket of APC in Anambra State is Senator Uche Ekwunife. Considered to be one of the most dogged female politicians in the country today, Ekwunife is essentially, a grass roots politician. A former banker, Mrs. Ekwunife is well experienced in Anambra State politics where she had participated in many contests before she won the 2015 senatorial election.

But for dumping her party, her election was challenged and in December 2015, her seat at the Red Chamber was declared vacant.

Now a staunch member of APC, insiders said her well coordinated grassroots political machinery is set to commence campaigns soon. If she joins the race, the APC primaries will become even more intriguing as she enjoys widespread support and love.

3. Ifeanyi Ubah: When the oil merchant first joined politics and showed interest to govern Anambra State on the ticket of relatively unpopular Labour Party in Anambra in 2013, not many took him very seriously. But his well oiled campaign train moved like a whirlwind and shook the very foundation of Anambra State’s political theatre.

Although he was not given a chance, because of the profile of the political platform he chose to contest with, the LP gubernatorial candidate made a good show, when he polled 37495 votes to come third behind the ruling party, APGA and PDP. He later dumped LP for the PDP in 2014.

If Ubah made impact in 2013 on the platform of LP, observers say he is likely to do better today if he succeeds to get APC ticket. This is because APC, according to some sources, has become even more popular and acceptable in the state.

Aside the acceptability of the party, Ubah’s success story in the field of sports, especially the growing popularity of his FC Ifeanyi Ubah, among youths and football fans, will help his campaign. Ubah is determined to contest for the governorship seat. It however remains to be seen how far he will take advantage of his investment in sports and humanitarian activities.

4. George Moghalu: Another influential hopeful for the ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is the party’s National Auditor, Chief George Moghalu. The party chieftain is also not a push over in the quest for the party’s governorship ticket in Anambra. Known to be very popular and influential in APC at the centre, Moghalu is also an experienced politician.

He chose the first day of this election year to formally declare his interest to join the race, even as he told reporters of his preparedness.

In an attempt to justify his envisaged candidacy, Moghalu, who is from Anambra South Senatorial District, said it was the turn of his zone to produce the next governor of the state, explaining that “Equity is about fairness. Anambra South zone did one tenure of four years under Mbadinuju and the position moved to Anambra Central, which occupied the position under Peter Obi and our leader, Senator Chris Ngige for 11 years.

“After 11 years, it moved to Anambra North zone. Governor Obiano would soon complete the zone’s four year tenure. Equity and fairness require that the slot should come back to the south district to do another four years before it becomes the turn of any other zone. That is equity; that is fairness; that is good conscience,” he said, boasting that he will defeat the incumbent governor even in his (the governor’s) village.

MBGN Unoaku Anyadike Now In Philippines for Miss Universe beauty pageant – Pictures

MBGN Unoaku Anyadike Now In Philippines for Miss Universe beauty pageant – Pictures

MBGN 2015 Unoaku Anyadike,  has arrived Manila in the Philippines for the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Miss Universe 2016, will be the 65th Miss Universe pageant. It will hold on January 29, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Pia Wurtzbach is the outgoing queen.

Steve Harvey will be hosting the pageant again this year. Unoaku is pictured with her roomate, Miss Namibia. See pictures below:

About to leave Nigeria

NAFDAC unveils illegal wine factories in Anambra, arrests nine suspects

NAFDAC unveils illegal wine factories in Anambra, arrests nine suspects

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control has arrested nine suspects connected with alleged illegal wine and beverage manufacturing factories at the Relief Market, Onitsha, Anambra State.

There Is No Plastic Rice In Nigeria - NAFDAC

This followed a special raid and enforcement operation of the Federal Government’s ban on imported fruit juices on Wednesday in Onitsha.

NAFDAC’s Head, Investigation and Enforcement, Kingsley Ejiofor, explained that those arrested were involved in the bottling of unwholesome, counterfeit and dangerous drinks. According to him, the beverages were being produced in unhygienic factories with cockroaches.

Ejiofor said:
“We came here for a special assignment to mop up all counterfeit and prohibited products which include imported fruit juices, food, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics,
detergent and bottled water, among others.“We were able to uncover illegal manufacturers of bottle, unwholesome and dangerous chemicals, they call wine and spirits. It was so disheartening.”
Ejiofor said that popular brands of beverages like Hennessey, 501, Johnny Walker, Red Label whisky, Best Marula fruit cream, Pure heaven, Amarula, Baron De Vals, Eva and J&W, among others were being faked.

He listed items found in the factories to include stoves, colourants, plastic containers, cups, labels, corks, unidentified chemicals and recycled bottles.
Ejiofor said:
“In one of the shops, the smell was so pungent that we could not even recover the materials and had to destroy them right there.“This is why we find the incidences of cancer to be high in this country because we don’t know what we drink.“I will like to use this medium to tell people to destroy cups, plastics or bottles after use because not doing so encourages these illegal producers.”

Ejiofor further advised retailers and consumers to issue and collect receipts for every product purchased to enable tracking.

Ejiofor said that the arrested suspects – five males and four females – would be interrogated and prosecuted, while the recovered items, especially the chemicals, would be taken to NAFDAC laboratory for analysis.

Anambra lawmaker Valentine Ayika, carries his Filipino wife who just returned from vacation

Anambra lawmaker Valentine Ayika, carries his Filipino wife who just returned from vacation

Hon. Valentine Ayika, member representing Njikoka 1 constituency at Anambra State House of Assembly, reunited with his wife after her vacation abroad.

Valentine posted the pictures on Social media and wrote:

Anambra lawmaker Valentine Ayika, carries his Filipino wife who just returned from vacation

“That’s how joyful it can be when the missing ribs reconnect with the basal ones. May I happily announce that the queen of my household is safely back home after a short vacation. Oh God thank you for journey mercy for all travellers world over”

See her with one of their kids at their marriage renewal vow last year.

Timber Market In Nnewi, Anambra State Razed By Fire – Pictures

Timber Market In Nnewi, Anambra State Razed By Fire – Pictures

Timber market in Nnewi, Anambra State on fire since last night. The Fire started since 1 am and was burning seriously till Dr Ifeanyi Ubah ordered his Capital oil tankers to do the needful.

2016: What a Phenomenal Year for Obiano!

2016: What a Phenomenal Year for Obiano!

By James Eze (

For Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State, the New Year arrived with a memorable gift. A few hours into 2017, Senator Ben Bruce, founder of the famous Silverbird media franchise announced with a tweet that Governor Obiano had emerged winner of the Silverbird Man of the Year 2016. A perfect start to a very important year in his political career, it is doubtful if Governor Obiano could have hoped for a better start to a defining year. But it also firmly placed a golden seal on what had been an outgone phenomenal year for him.2016: What a Phenomenal Year for Obiano!
Well, we all know that 2016 was a difficult year for Nigeria. Not only did the economy slump into the abyss after thrashing around in the grips of falling oil prices but Nigeria waddled through a maze of heated rhetoric and bouts of finger-pointing into avoidable spams of blood and gore.And as though seized by manic schizophrenia, Nigerians shouted themselves hoarse at every turn of events – a people once described as among the happiest on the planet now reduced to a terribly shaken lot, groping for a foothold that “change” had wrenched away.
But as it turned out, however, in the midst of the gloom and doom, hope rose in incandescent glory in the unlikely places. In Anambra Sate, the narrative is redolent with hope. In Lagos and Kebbi State, new grounds were broken. But in Anambra in particular, leadership rose with the full weight of history to restore the people’s belief in the government to think for the society as a whole.
Indeed, it is interesting to recall that when the year began, most people seemed carried away by the euphoria of the change of guards in Aso Rock and the melange of promises that came with it. ButAnambra State was largely out of the bubble. GovernorObiano had since figured out that even with the emergence of a new helmsman at the centre, the spectre of economic depression that had since set in with crashing oil prices would take a water-tight economic management to halt. So, he quickly organized a strategic retreat for his cabinet where intensive scenario planning was carried out. This was followed up by another retreat which attracted some of the finest brains in financial and management consultancy in the country. The result is a tightly knitted administrative model that offered enough elbowroom to government to meet its obligations in the direst of times.And so, in a decidedly difficult year when other states doubted the wisdom of their own existence, Anambra was paying regular salaries to workers as well as leave allowances and other entitlements.
Butwhat seems rather fascinating about it all is that Obiano did not allow the honour conferred on him as The Sun Governor of the Year which came rather early in the year, obfuscate his visionor slow down his thinking. And when they gave him the Zik Prize for Good Governance in the middle of the year, he took it all in his stride and kept an eye on the ball.He was also honoured with a Certificate of Recognition by the Institute for Housing and Urban Development of the Erasmus University, Rotterdam in the Netherlands in August. But he didn’t let it get into his head. He stood his ground and masterfully completed six bridges in two and half years, maintained a chokehold on the security situation in the state to ensure that Anambra remained crime-free and successfully held two important town hall meetings in Abuja and Port Harcourt to bring NdiAnambra who were resident in the two locations up to speed with his giant strides at home. Stakeholder engagement is crucial to democracy!

Nevertheless, Obiano’s final test of competence as a manager of human and material resources finally came when Nigeria recorded two successive negative growths and slipped into a recession. Interestingly, if the historic admission by the Minister of Finance, KemiAdeosun that the economy had slid into recession drove jitters into the spine of his contemporaries, it had the exact opposite effect on Obiano. No sooner had the situation become clearer than he had rolled out a well thought-out Economic Stimulus Package that would serve as a realistic antidote to the debilitating effects of the recession on his people.Obiano was the first governor to react to the economic slump; rolling out measures that would mitigate the biting pangs of recession on the weak and the vulnerable and stepping up to re-assure the industrialists in Nnewi and Onitsha that they would not be swept away by the gale.
A direct result of Obiano’s intervention in the harrowing pains of the recession was the removal of taxes and levies, increased support to SMEs, social intervention for low income households and involvement in massive construction projects that would create jobs for the unskilled labour force. His revolutionary bottom-up development initiative which allows every community in the state to choose a project valued at N20m that the state would execute is also part of this response. It serves two useful purposes at the same time. It ensures that no community in Anambra State is left out of the government’s development web and next, it places immediate cash in the hands of the rural folks and low income groups who supply the labour needed for the construction of the projects. It is a tightly conceived initiative that leaves no room for waste.
Again, in pursuit of his assurances to manufacturers in the state, governor Obianotook the bold path and formally presented the plight of the state’s industrial community to the presidency. It was in response to this appeal that Vice President YemiOsibanjo visited the Nnewi and Onitsha industrial clusters and offered further assurances as well as palliative measures. Incidentally, before Osibanjo’s visit, the Minister of Agriculture, Chief AuduOgbe and the governor of the CBN, Mr. Godwin Emefiele had both visited the agricultural belt in the state to see the rice farms in Anaku and IfiteOgwari. The CBN governor was so impressed with the mechanized farm in Anaku that he announced that the apex bank would release the sum of N3bn to Anambra to boost the state’s efforts in blazing new trails of excellence in manufacturing and agro-allied industries. There have been other visits by key ministers and important senate committees as well. BabatundeRajiFashola, the Minister for Power, Works and Housing has come to inspect the 2nd Niger Bridge project, the Zik Mausoleum and the decrepit Umunya sector of the Onitsha-Enugu Express Way. The Senate Committee on Works, led by Senator Kabiru Gaya has also toured federal roads in the state and offered assurances and just the other day, Governor Obiano handed over the necessary documentation on the 80 hectares of land designated for the development of an automotive industrial park in the state to Dr.OkechukwuEnalama, the Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment. The building of an automotive industrial park is a farsighted initiative that will lend deep roots to the on-going efforts to sustain the manufacturing of automobiles and auto spare parts in Anambra State.
However, beyond the brass task of laying the foundation for future prosperity, Governor Obiano also stepped up to give Anambra a serious facelift in the outgone year. Awka may well be Nigeria’s new city of light with modern street lights twinkling a thousand luminous sparkles in a mild rebuke of the persistent darkness at night. Codenamed Operation Light-up Anambra, the street-lighting project that is crisscrossing the state, from Awka to Onitsha, Nnewi and other towns gave Christmas holiday makers something to cheer about during this yuletide season.
And as has been attested to by many people, this year witnessed the highest number of Christmas holiday makers in Anambra State in the past two decades. Thousands of NdiAnambra who had heard of the wind of change at home felt safe enough, elated enough and hopeful enough to come home for a grand reunion with family and friends in the truest tradition of Christmas. These folks defied the pangs of recession to come home in their numbers and successfully turned the whole state into one huge carnival with a colourful celebration across the length and breadth of the state.
And this perhaps is possibly why for Governor Willie Obiano, 2016 was indeed a phenomenal year!

Anambra Set To Enforce Compliance To Ban On Taxes – Obiano

Anambra Set To Enforce Compliance To Ban On Taxes – Obiano

State government says it will constitute a task force to enforce compliance on stoppage of collection of taxes and levies from hawkers in markets across the state.Anambra Set To Enforce Compliance To Ban On Taxes - Obiano

Governor Willie Obiano made this known while addressing a congregation at the cross- over night mass at the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministries, Uke, in Idemmili North local government area.
Addressing the congregation, Governor Obiano who expressed happiness that he ended 2016 and started 2017 with God, said that though the past year was difficult, he is confident that the new year would be better.

He, however, said this would be realistic if individuals apply self-effort, especially in supporting his agricultural revolution by having farms no matter how small.

The governor, who was accompanied on the visit by some officials of his government, noted that the state is not going back on its determination to ensure safety of lives and property of the citizens of the state, thanking God and all security outfits in the state for a crime-free yuletide celebrations in the state.

He restated that he will waste no time in constituting task force that would check the excesses of people who are still collecting levies from hawkers.
The governor reminded parents of the free education for children from primary one to junior secondary three, and to report anyone who requests for any fee from any child within the stipulated classes. Speaking earlier, the spiritual director of the Adoration Ministries, Rev Fr. Emmanuel Obinma, appreciated the governor for paying workers’ salaries promptly, and for fighting crime to a standstill, adding that he is happy that other states copy good governance from Anambra State.

He pledged the support of the congregation to the present administration, assuring the governor of their continued prayers.
The event featured special prayers for governor Obiano and his wife as well as the state.

Government Vision In Anambra, For Everyone – Mrs Obiano

Government Vision In Anambra, For Everyone – Mrs Obiano

Wife of the state Governor, Chief Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano, says the current administration’s vision for a better Anambra State is for everyone, irrespective of political party affiliations and associations.Government Vision In Anambra, For Everyone - Mrs Obiano

The Governor’s wife made this remarks when she hosted former APGA Women leaders at the state, local government and ward levels at the Governor’s lodge, Amawbia.
The Governor’s wife who was visibly happy for the reunion, expressed her gratitude for the women leaders’ massive support and efforts during the election that brought in the present government in the state, and was optimistic that her relationship with the women leaders will remain cordial forever.
Chief Mrs. Obiano also charged the women to be agents of change wherever they are, and to always offer helping hands to the needy in their immediate communities.
She enjoined the women to always pray God to continue to bless the state with good and righteous leaders because when the righteous is in power, the people are happy.
On her part, the APGA state woman leader, Mrs. Chinyere Ibenta, who spoke on behalf of others, acknowledged the prompt payment of salaries and pensions by the state government despite the harsh economic realities in the country where virtually every other state is owing her workers, and stressed that the achievement alone is more than enough to guarantee a second tenure in office.
Mrs. Ibenta reiterated the women’s resolve to massively support APGA come 2017 governorship election in the state.
The get together also had in attendance, the wife of the National Chairman of APGA, Mrs. Mary Oye, the wife of the deputy speaker of the state assembly, Mrs. Sylvia Oseke, and wife of the state APGA chairman, Mrs. Regina Obi, among others.

By Ifeanyi Nwosu

Ebelechukwu Obiano : Excelling as Mama Anambra

Ebelechukwu Obiano : Excelling as Mama Anambra

Perhaps one role Chief (Mrs.) Ebelechukwu Obiano never imagined playing is that of “Mama Anambra” which literally means Mother-of-Anambra-state. But the assumption of office as Governor of Anambra State on 17th March 2014 by her husband, Chief Willie Obiano unwittingly thrust her forward for the role albeit with understated responsibilities.Ebelechukwu Obiano : Excelling as Mama Anambra

Though not the eldest amongst Anambra women, Mrs. Obiano undoubtedly assumed the responsibility bearing in mind the words of Robert A. Heinlein on the role of mothers; “Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.” This aphorism obviously informed the commitment and disposition of the wife of the governor the moment she got into her stride, such that within a very short-while she had acquitted herself creditably as “Mama Anambra” to the admiration of many who easily confirm that she wears the role like a fitted clothing with humility, dignity and candour.

However, to discerning observers, that Osodieme is the quintessential Mama Anambra is not surprising. Convinced that “whenever, wherever life is touched, government has succeeded,” Mrs. Obiano strove to support her husband, the governor in the delivery of good governance to Ndi Anambra with the programmes of her NGO, Caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFÉ). To date, CAFÉ which prides itself as a beacon of hope and empowerment for the less privileged, physically challenged and indigent widows has provided training on various skills with start-up capital to over two thousand, two hundred and fifty women and youths.

Other achievements of CAFE include; building of ten houses for indigent widows, construction and handover of nineteen boreholes in communities across the state, sponsorship of free surgery for 30 children with cleft lip/cleft palate congenital mouth disorders, free prosthetic limbs to one thousand physically challenged, wheel chairs for over five hundred persons, and CAFÉ Market toilets in rural markets to promote hygiene and dignity of market women as well as eradicate open defecation which prompted UNICEF and the European Union to crown her as Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Ambassador.

Whereas governor Obiano is widely acknowledged to have performed exceedingly well at his job in barely three years, the wife Osodieme, who has no constitutional mandate and no funding for her programmes has equally brought to bear her abilities as an amazon and great mobilizer which stood her out as the best surrogate for her husband among Ndi Anambra of all ages. Worthy of note is her attraction of support and sponsorship from non-indigenes and prominent sons and daughters of the state from different political persuasions who freely donate in support of CAFE’s charitable projects.

It is instructive that Akpokuodike encourages his wife to excel. First he gave her an office space where she holds regular consultations and interactions with groups who visit to share concerns on issues of interest to them and the state. To Osodieme’s credit, the direct interface has allowed her to engage soft issues, concerns and multifarious challenges thrown at the door-step of government by concerned citizens. Suffice to add that such citizen concerns which often don’t get immediate attention from the governor or his aides due to its mundane nature compared to more important state matters, are shared with the wife and where necessary advice and solution proffered for the benefit of the respective group or citizens. Thankfully, the office of the wife of the governor through regular interface with the women-folk has become an effective vehicle and feedback mechanism to the governor.

Apart from regular consultations, Mrs. Obiano works steadfastly to ensure that Anambra women and various groups feel the impact of government so as to eventually contribute their quota to the socio-economic development of the state. This was the thinking behind her resolve to embark on tour of the 179 communities in Anambra in the last quarter of 2016. Already she has visited 36 communities in six local government areas where she interacted, listened to challenges and showered some indigent widows, physically challenged, less privileged persons and children with Christmas gifts.

It is also heartening to note that Mrs. Obiano is trying to help Anambra women surmount the prevailing economic recession by hosting each group to a parley and Christmas celebrations to lift their mood and dispel the pervasive national gloom occasioned by the harsh economic melt-down. Seizing the moments, she highlighted numerous achievements of the governor and shared morale boosting banters laced with exhortations to be strong in both individual and collective quest for a better Anambra.

Such is the impact of Mrs. Obiano as Mama Anambra, easily the acknowledged voice not just for women but for the voiceless, indigent widows, the physically challenged, less privileged, children, youth and the rest of Ndi Anambra.

Emeka Ozumba a Public Affairs commentator writes from Enugwu-Ukwu.

Anambra State : Obiano to increase agricultural funding in 2017

Anambra State : Obiano to increase agricultural funding in 2017

Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano, has disclosed that his administration would give increased financial and logistics support to agro-communities in the State in the New Year to enable them to boost and increase their yields.Anambra State : Obiano to increase agricultural funding in 2017

He disclosed this yesterday at the Nimo community, Njikoka Council of the state during the 2016 Cultural Festival and Mass Return of the Community.

Obiano noted that Nimo Community has been key to the vegetables export arrangement of the state, and urged farmers in the community to organise themselves in cooperatives so as to access government’s agricultural support packages.

He commended the community for their self-help development efforts, describing it as the way to go in the face of government’s dwindling fortunes. He said the community’s leadership had distinguished itself in effective mobilisation of the people.

The Governor expressed delight that the Christmas celebrations in the State were successful due to the security his administration had entrenched and assured that his government will not renege in the war against criminals.

Earlier, traditional Prime Minister of the town and former Chief Judge of the State, Justice Godwin Ononiba, thanked the Governor for leading in agricultural revolution in the Southeast.

The President-General of the community, Chief Frank Igboka, acknowledged that through the N20 million choose-your-project initiative of the government had brought the people closer to government, adding that they were using the festival to promote unity among their people.


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