Biography & Profile - Cocolce "Big Brother Naija"

Biography & Profile – Cocolce “Big Brother Naija”

Please where can i see the “Biography of Cocolce” or “Profile of Cocolce” , One of the Contestants of Big Brother Naija , is she a Nigerian or From where , i love her Acts since “Big Brother Naija” Started , please can someone tell me more about Her.Biography & Profile - Cocolce "Big Brother Naija"

Njideke Obiagu

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Short Biography & Profile – Cocolce “Big Brother Naija”

She has a very good relationship with her brother especially since their mother passed in 2001

Having endured a few unlucky romantic relationships, she’s currently single and focusing on advancing her singing career. “I used to be all over the place emotionally but now I’m more controlled

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