10 Categories Of Ladies That May Lose Their Virginity On Valentine’s Day

10 Categories Of Ladies That May Lose Their Virginity On Valentine’s Day

10 Categories Of Ladies That May Lose Their Virginity On Valentine’s Day

10 Categories Of Ladies That May Lose Their Virginity On Valentine’s Day

During Valentine’s day celebration in Nigeria, there are various immoral behaviours usually exhibited by both guys and ladies under the guise of showing love and affection, which is due to the general misconceptions Nigerians normally have about valentine.

Valentine’s day, which should be a day of showing love and affection to other people, has now become a day when boyfriends and girlfriends celebrate it with marathon SEX

Without wasting time, below are the categories of ladies that will lose their virginity on valentine’s day

1. Ladies with High Libido

Some ladies have high libido that they may find it very hard to resist the touch of a guy who expertly caresses their butts and bosoms. Most guys who invite ladies to their room for a ‘one-on-one’ valentine’s day celebration cannot be trusted that much as they can take advantage of a lady with high libido and before you know it, they have already tumbled beneath the sheets.

2. Ladies who visit Guys with Sugarcoated Mouths

Some guys with sugarcoated mouths will definitely be richer than Dangote if they sell goods inside BRT, danfo and molue, because they will find it very easy to convince people to buy their products and they will make high sales and will join the league of billionaires in Nigeria. Any lady who visits these kind of guys is subject to sex as they will coerce her into sex using their sugarcoated mouths to UnCloth her.

3. Virgin Ladies Who Visit Guys Without Chairs in their rooms

This morning, I saw a guy in my villa packing out his chairs and tables before the arrival of a female visitor whom he was expecting. Tosyne2much needed no one to him that this dude wanted the lady to have no place to sit other than his bed, so that he can comb her. It’s a very dangerous thing for a lady to go spend val with a guy without chairs or tables in his room.

4. Emotionally Weak Ladies

Some ladies are emotionally weak that they can fall to the pressures being mounted on them by their boyfriends. The funniest thing is that most guys who have long been starved sex since 1995 see Valentine’s day as a day their girlfriends should compensate them with sex for their endurance and celibacy. Any lady who is not emotionally strong will surely subdue to the pressures because some of them guys can go as far as prostrating

5. Ladies with Long throats

During val, nearly every the fast food joint and hotel is usually filled up to the brim compared to every other festive period. As funny as it sounds, some ladies will even be willing to trade out their virginity for hot dogs, shawama, asun, fried rice and chicken, gala, kunu, zobo, suya, etc.

6. Virgin Ladies that are Naive

Most guys take advantage and will pry on the nativity of ladies who are still in their mid-late teen mainly because the girls at this age bracket can be very vulnerable and impressionable. They get treated in ways they have not experienced when val is approaching with unusual pampering, nice gifts, lovely dates at romantic places, etc. And they feel sex is a way of reciprocating their love.

7. Virgin Ladies on their Heat Period

Just as guys incessantly fantasize sex and complain of konji, ladies also do, even though they won’t admit it. When ladies are on their heat period, they are usually vulnerable to give in to a man provided he knows the right place to touch. Some guys may lure them into their rooms just to celebrate val with them and before you know it, their joysticks are already as hard as Olumo rock. Statistics has even shown that most ladies who give birth out of wedlock normally have their pregnancies specifically in the month of February and when it’s November, you see them backing twins and triplets.

8. Ladies with Immature minds

Many girls normally plan towards this day hoping to make it memorable and colorful even though the whole thing still boils down to sex. They are gullible and can compromise their bodies by free gifts and fake love.

9. Ladies who visit guys who have long neglected them

Just as ladies open their book of remembrance looking for who they will scam when val is approaching, guys on the other hand also search through their contact just to invite ladies they have long neglected. If a lady eventually visit these guys, whether she’s on her period or not, they don’t care.

10. Virgin Ladies who will be Visiting Yahoo Guys and Politicians

I don’t think a dog has any business in the abode of a lion except its tired of living. Yahoo guys and politicians use scheme wicked ways to get into ladies pants during this period. You see them pouring rhymes and spending lavishly for easy access into ladies skirts. Without sex, Valentine’s day isn’t complete to these guys.

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